An Open Letter To The Republican Leadership In Congress

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This is from Town Hall.


While it would certainly be cathartic to flog the GOP for the lousy omnibus bill, House Republicans just passed, it seems more productive to tackle a bigger issue. After a historic, yet unearned (Obama was the real GOP MVP) election victory, isn’t it time for the Republican leadership to try to heal the rift with the base that’s tearing the party apart?

Do Republican leaders REALLY want to spend the next two years of a presidential election cycle getting trashed the way they are right now by activists, Tea Party leaders and radio talk show hosts? Anyone who thinks the base is going to sit down and shut up or that the GOP can thrive over the long-term with this kind of intra-party feuding going on is kidding himself.

So realistically, here’s what the Republican Party leaders need to do to help get everyone back on the same page.

1) They should never, ever, under any circumstances trash their base again. That means if the words “Tea Party, “Senate Conservatives Fund,” “Mark Levin,” “Rush Limbaugh,” “Club for Growth,” “Heritage Action,” etc., etc., come out of their mouths, then they better be saying something nice at best or neutral at worst. Additionally, staffers who mouth off about the base should be unceremoniously fired. At first, Republican politicians shouldn’t expect to have that favor to be returned, but if you’re a politician who wants unconditional love, go buy a dog.

2) The GOP has to keep its promises — and quite frankly, more than a few Republicans seem to have a pre-YouTube era mentality about that. They think they can say anything they want on the campaign trail and then do something completely different in the office without people being any the wiser. For example, after the NRSC backed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, I fought it tooth-and-nail over that decision. After he won, Marco Rubio was one of my favorite politicians, but the moment he lied to us by breaking his campaign pledge to fight amnesty, he was dead to me. I will NEVER forgive Rubio for his dishonorable behavior, no matter what he does. Don’t lie through your teeth to people who took you at your word and then expect us to be stupid enough to trust you again.

3) It’s fine for the Republican Party to recruit candidates, but it should ALMOST NEVER be involved in primaries. If you want to know what an exception looks like, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. were right to endorse the guy running against David Duke back in 1989. Everybody has a role to play and an organization that is supposed to represent all Republicans absolutely should not be involved in a race between two Republicans. It creates an ocean of bad blood so big that there aren’t enough towels in Texas to clean it up.

4) The GOP leaders need to open up some lines of communication and if they have good motives, explain what they’re trying to do and the strategy they’re using with talk radio hosts, big websites, activist groups, etc. Locking influential conservative groups out of discussions of what the GOP should be doing BEGS for them to make trouble because it’s the only way they can get their opinion heard.

4A) A few years back, Republicans in leadership did reach out a bit and while it may have helped a little, it ultimately wasn’t very effective because they looked at it as a way to try to sell what they were doing instead of having a conversation about shared goals. A lot of people, myself included, suspect the reason this isn’t done is because we don’t have the same aims on a lot of major legislation any more. I don’t think the GOP leaders have any intention of seriously trying to stop Obama’s executive amnesty. I don’t believe they’re committed to the repeal of Obamacare. I was even forced to agree with NANCY PELOSI and ELIZABETH WARREN (vomit) about the GOP’s omnibus bill decision to make it easier for big banks to gamble with derivatives and the sleazy campaign finance reform that was designed to undercut activist groups. Would the GOP leadership really want to explain something like that beforehand? Ultimately, it wouldn’t be that hard to get grassroots leaders to line up behind smart strategies to achieve conservative policy goals, but it’s an open question whether the GOP’s leadership believes in the Republican Party’s own platform enough to fight for it anymore.

5) Speaking of fights, the GOP leaders need to prove they’re willing to fight and WIN on something that really matters to conservatives. At this point, the expectation of the Democrats, the mainstream media and even the GOP base is that the Republican Party is going to cave in every time. At some point, Republicans have to prove they can go head-to-head with the Democrats and win on something that matters. Of course, congressional aides could probably name 10 things that people don’t care about that much where they’d claim to have “fought and won,” but that’s like a football team that’s behind 70-0 complaining it isn’t being given enough credit for all the 1st downs it’s gotten in the game.

6) People feel so burned by Boehner and McConnell that it would take AN INCREDIBLE amount of work for them to ever be trusted again. If someone like Jeb Hensarling took over in the House or John Thune took over in the Senate, he’d immediately get a much longer leash from the base because he’d be given the benefit of the doubt while people evaluated his performance. On the other hand, when it comes to Boehner and McConnell, symbolic gestures aren’t going to cut it because we’re at a Cold War level of trust. It doesn’t matter how much Castro tells you he loves democracy and freedom; you’ll believe it AFTER Cuba has a free election.

Last but not least, there’s toxic residue in this area that goes all the way back to the end of Bush’s first term that has never been addressed by the GOP leadership in an effective manner. There are a lot of conservatives who feel like they’ve been SCREAMING at the GOP for a decade and haven’t been respected or heard. As long as the GOP leadership insists on maintaining a system where the only way conservative activists can make an impact is by raining hell down on the GOP leaders, they better keep a lot of ice water handy because that’s exactly what they’re going to continue to get.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017




This is from Brietbarts Big Government.

John McCain served our nation honorably, sadly the same cannot be said of his time in the Senate.

John needs to retire and hang on to the little honor he has left.


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) implied that he would run for another Senate term in 2016 and is worried that he is the top target of conservatives and Tea partiers who have never trusted him.

“You have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” McCain told MSNBC on Wednesday when asked if he would run for reelection in 2016. “I definitely think that I would have to absolutely anticipate a tea party candidate or two or three… everybody tells me that I’m the number one target of the tea partiers.”

McCain told the left-wing outlet that he was “absolutely” leaning toward running again and said he talked with “finance people in the state,” in addition to “different groups and organizations ranging from the Arizona Chamber to the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance to build the coalitions we need to build” for reelection.

In 2010, McCain survived a primary with less-than-formidable challengers (J.D. Hayworth) in large part because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin loyally endorsed him. McCain also cut a campaign commercial promising to build the “danged fence” along the border.

As soon as he was reelected, McCain turned his back on Tea Partiers who gave him one more chance. He not only called Tea Partiers “hobbits” and “wacko birds,” but he spearheaded the “Gang of Eight” comprehensive amnesty bill along with Senators like Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

McCain will be 80 years of age in 2016.


Pelosi Asks Dems To “Stand With Her And Fight Against The Tea Party”…

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This is from Weasel Zippers.

San Fran Nan has some serious brain damage.

I think most Democrats want to steer clear of Pelosi,Reed etc.



If it wasn’t for Nancy Pelosi this country would have been overrun by Tea Party terrorists a long time ago.

Dear Drew,

This was a tough November, there’s no doubt about it. The Tea Party has even more allies in Congress.

But we cannot be defeated. It is more important now — maybe more important than it’s ever been — that we stand with Nancy in the fight for middle class families.

Will you sign on to stand with Nancy and fight against the Tea Party?

The Tea Party is almost certain to ram through the Ryan Plan to end Medicare as we know it. They could try to privatize Social Security or restrict women’s access to health care.

Everything we’ve fought so long to achieve is still on the line.

Nancy will not sit by and watch the Tea Party chip away at America’s middle class. She is running to be the Democratic Leader in the 114th Congress so she can continue to fight for our families and our future.

She needs each and every one of us with her.

Stand with Nancy in support of middle class families and values. Sign on today.

Thank you.

Team Pelosi

Charlie Rangel: It’s hard to distinguish between racist Dixiecrats and the Tea Party

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This is from The Right Scoop.

Little Chuckie is a senile, delusional fool.

Rangel, Obama, Jackson and Sharpton are the real racists.

It’s clear the left will say anything to make people believe that the Tea Party is racist, no matter how ludicrous.

Tonight on Hardball, Charlie Rangel claimed that the Dixiecrats who opposed the Civil Right’s Act are in fact today’s Tea Party, arguing that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. In fact, he goes on to say that the Dixiecrats that were from the South are the ‘grandparents’ of the Tea Party.


HOST: Congressman, I will start with you. The Civil Rights Act that passed in 1964 wouldn’t pass in 2014. Do you agree with that?

RANGEL: First of all, the strongest opposition to President Johnson came from Dixiecrats. He had the support of Republicans. Johnson said that it would destroy the Democratic Party as we know it and it did. So as soon as blacks had the right to vote, the Dixiecrats changed parties.

HOST: Southern Conservative Democrats switched over to Republicans?

RANGEL: Yeah. If you take a look at where the Dixiecrats are and look at where the Tea Party people are, it is hard to distinguish. Find out where the confederate flag is that they wave with the Tea Party. Find out which states hated Lincoln and which states have representatives that hate Obama. Find out which states held slaves.

HOST: When you say that, when you look at the Tea Party today, and you can say, that this is a movement with a lot of support from its heavily white, heavily southern, heavily conservative – certainly back then heavily white southern and all that. Is race the motivating factor are you saying for the Tea Party, though?

RANGEL: I don’t have to say a darn thing except you can see where they come from. You can see what the opposition has been to voting rights and integration and all of those things. You know it came from the South, right? Now, if you see the same people changing their name, are you asking me, should I call the Tea Party whites racists?

HOST: The Tea Party would say, like, those were our grandparents or our parents from different generations. Our generation has nothing to do with that.

RANGEL: I am only saying what history would record. Now the confederate flag didn’t belong to them, it belonged to their grandparents. They still wave it. And the opposition to voting didn’t belong to Republican party. They brought that with them to the Tea Party.

So i don’t know why people even have to discuss the difference between the make-up of the House of Representatives.

The “N” Word-You Know the Tea Party Be Usin’ It. Girrrrrrrl!

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This is from Clash Daily.

If  Pharrell Williams is listening to Miley Cyrus he has few active brain cells than anyone will ever know.

I have attended Tea Party rallies and there were several blacks in attendance.

Not one was called the N word.

Many people of many races were there with only one goal in mind stopping runaway government.


Don’t you just love it when celebrities that think they’re “in the know” interject themselves into politics? Hollywood activism, now that’s entertainment! The “N” word (as we polite white folk like to call it) has been a fixture among the black community for decades. Many in the black community use the word freely to describe one another when telling a story or greeting each other at a party. The word “cracker” has also recently been revived to describe a white person. Anyone who uses such language, whether they are white or black, are ill-mannered and sound uneducated, merely using the language as shock value.

The musical artist Pharrell Williams recently did an interview with GQ Magazine  claiming that the Tea Party are a bunch of racists that like to make “N” word jokes. When asked if it’s “the other guys”, meaning Conservatives, who will win Pharrell had this to say:

Who? The Tea Party guys? The guys with the nigger jokes in 2014? They’re all trying to learn how to do the Dougie. Please. While their daughters are all twerking. Trust me: Miley tells me all the time. Not saying that about Billy Ray, but I’m saying Miley tells me all the time: All those little girls, all those girls with their Republican daddies, they’re twerkin’ somewhere listening to Jay Z and Beyoncé and doin’ the “Happy” dance. And that’s black.

Relying on Miley Cyrus to give you information; probably not the best idea. The laughing stock of the entertainment world who twerks it and works it on stage lighting up a blunt like only hillbilly, white-trash royalty can, to give you information about what little white girls with “Republican” daddies do in their spare time?

Pharrell insisted, “I’m the most indiscriminate person that there is! I believe in equality.” Take a moment to catch your breath from laughing so hard you nearly peed your pants. If you were indiscriminate, you wouldn’t bring race up as an issue at all. All for the black man, but look at me, I’ve got a white girl on the cover of my album. Do you even know WHAT you stand for?

What Tea Party members use the word “nigger”? Apparently, he is referring back to an alleged incident regarding two protesters identified as Tea Party members protesting the healthcare debate. They supposedly screamed racial slurs at Reps John Lewis, Andre Carson, and Emanuel Cleaver. There is not one shred of video evidence to support Williams in his lame attempt to pin prejudice on a whole group of people just because a handful of people may have or may not have made simpleminded comments. Just as Melissa Harris-Perry’s panel comments made about Mitt Romney’s black grandchild doesn’t make all black journalists prejudice against white people. As the Jackson 5 so eloquently put it ,“One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl”.

Williams is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton saying, “she represents a woman in power, and she did great as Secretary of State. She’s gonna win.” Maybe Williams was in a blaze haze or simply didn’t follow politics, until he had a number one single, during her stint as Secretary of State because that statement is just delusional. Can you name one successful thing she did as Secretary of State? If you include the “reset button” debacle with Russia and the four Americans that were murdered and paraded through the streets of Benghazi, I’d say stepping down (which was her own admission of guilt) was the the only success story she had!

Funny how celebrities make a little bank and now they are all philosophical geniuses no longer afraid to alienate the white folk who buy their albums. Williams went on to say that people like Oprah, Obama, and Lebron James are what’s known as the “new” black. Pointing out that even though Obama’s mother was white, he is considered black. Obama seemingly hates that part of himself and has run from it, bastardizing the fact, conveniently leaving that part of his heritage out when making speeches and pandering for the black vote. Morgan Freeman even pointed out the very large, obvious discrepancy in the story of the “first black president”. Duh!

In his book Dreams From My Father Obama said,

I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites”. Also quoting “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

Talking out of both sides of the mouth really doesn’t offer a strong argument. On one hand it isn’t about race, and on the other hand race is being brought to the forefront around every bend, being perpetuated by America’s supposed Commander in Chief.

In the game of life, it’s not the color of a person’s skin that should matter; it’s the content of their character that speaks volumes. Bringing up race all of the time just adds to the hypocrisy of the left and those who claim to be for equality (as Pharrell and so many other wannabe elitists do).  In a world where people want to behead you simply for being an American, does it really matter if you are black or white?


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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

This could be the start of a Tea Party take over on the state and national level.

People are getting sick of big government and gutless RINO’s.

A Tea Party candidate became the first ever state senator in Pennsylvania to win as a write-in candidate on Tuesday in a special election that showed how dissatisfied voters are, even at the local level, with both organized political parties.

During the campaign, conservative Republican Scott Wagner was blistered by establishment Republicans that he accused of “orchestrating the special election in such a way to hand the seat, vacated by Mike Waugh in January,” to the establishment Republican candidate Ron Miller.

According to the Patriot-News, Wagner captured 48 percent of the vote in York County while Democrat Linda Small got 26 percent and establishment Republican Ron Miller 27 percent. Wagner will immediately “serve as the state senator representing the 28th District through Nov. 30, allowing Republicans to maintain their 27 to 23 majority in the chamber. The seat is up for election for a four-year term later this year.”

“You sit down at the table. You drink a cup of coffee, or you have lunch in somebody’s office and you have to learn a little bit of their story, and they have to learn a little bit of my story,” Wagner said, according to the Patriot-News. “But what I’m all about is more representative of what’s reality on the street… I didn’t get where I am today by not sitting down.”

Wagner, who owns a trucking company, “comes to the Senate planning to be a maverick by not accepting a taxpayer-funded pension or health insurance, limiting himself to two terms, limiting his contacts with special interests, and working to downsize state government.”

“I don’t fear the Republican Party, trust me,” Wagner said, according to the York Dispatch. “They ran their best guy… and he broke his legs halfway around the track.”

Wagner simply ran on “a platform of smaller government and fiscal conservatism,” and that focused message allowed him to survive the onslaught of negative ads against him and his trucking business.

He has to go right back into campaign mode, though, because Wagner will face a primary on May 20 for the Republican nomination in November against two candidates, including Miller.

ZoNation Vid: Stephanie Miller; A Liberal Licensed Racist

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This is from Alfonzo Rachel.


Like Bill Maher and a lot of other liberals, Stephanie Miller has an idea of what a black president is supposed to behave like, and the black-er she foresees them getting in the future is her own negativity, but she projects it onto the Tea Party like a coward.

Hear more in this ZoNation! – See more at:

The Blue-Eyed Racism Of Vladimir Putin

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This is from Clash Daily.

The following is satire.

It’s so unfortunate to see the leader of a prominent foreign nation such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin exhibit the same kind of hate and bigotry we’ve seen displayed over the last several years by members of that backward, bitterly racist “Tea Party” group here in the United States.

I wish we could just live in a world where a black president was accorded the respect and deference he is due, instead of having to endure such outright defiance from those who see nothing but the color of his skin, and who hold him in utter contempt because of it.
In refusing to immediately, respectfully heed president Barack Obama’s serious admonitions regarding the crisis situation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has shown himself to share the abject prejudice and vile discrimination with which so many Americans of the Republican party treat our historic president.  It’s really unsettling and sad to watch this take place.

 The election of Barack Obama would have ended such widespread racism and aggression, here and throughout the entire globe, except for the fact that those who cannot for some reason find it in their hearts to desist from it do still exist, and they persist.
The fundamental transformation of the United States is incomplete, of course, and we must have unfathomable reserves of patience in this regard as president Obama and his administration continue to apply what supplies of melanin are available to do their magical work (in spite of all the racist opposition from those who call themselves “conservatives”).
Still, it is yet that much more frustrating when, across the oceans and seas, the blue-eyed devil Mr. Putin flouts the new paradigm and just goes ahead and acts as if Barack Obama was merely some sort of insignificant shoe-shine boy or something.Putin would never defy a white president like this! I, for one, prefer to live in a world where, when an American president is black, and happens to be as charming and gifted and cool as our current president is, other world leaders simply fall in line and obey him, as they should.  It’s not anything remotely close to being a just and sane world when there is such disgusting racialistic animus at play on the world stage.

Vladimir Putin must be brought before the World Court and charged with racial hate crimes toward our president.  The United Nations should convene a special, multinational committee to decide on what sort of emergency diversity training Mr. Putin should attend.

Ideally, Putin’s mandatory, enforced sensitivity training should be tailored for the responsibilities of the leader of a large country, with deliberate emphasis on the fact that his brand of bigotry toward president Obama seems especially audacious and atavistic due to the fact that Russia is still so predominantly white, and therefore obviously prone to overarching and pervasive racialism.
Please forward this article to all of your friends and associates–and while you’re at it, send it that much more so to anyone you know who stubbornly stands in the way of the progressive new era of post-racial harmony and acquiescence to the majestic decrees of Barack Obama.  It’s only fair that we all work to eradicate any and all remaining racist opposition to what he represents. Those who claim they don’t want to obey president Obama for whatever alleged reason other than just their bigoted race-hate should be called out and forced into re-education seminars, and Vladimir Putin has now become the most prominent poster-politician toward which we should devote our most public and energetic efforts.


19 Numbers Which Prove Americans Are Frustrated and Angrier than Ever


This is from Joe For America.


Have you noticed that people are becoming angrier?  You can see it everywhere – in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our television shows, in our movies, and certainly in Washington.  In fact, many have said that there is an “epidemic” of anger in America today.  And it is undeniably true.  As you will see below, a whole host of surveys and opinion polls show that America has become a seething cauldron of anger and frustration unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  As a nation, we are more divided than we have been in decades, and economic conditions continue to deteriorate.  People are working harder than ever and Americans get less vacation days than anyone else in the world, but median household income keeps going down every year.  Americans are dissatisfied with their relationships, their jobs, their communities and their political leaders.  There is this growing sense that our country is steamrolling toward disaster, and yet there is very little agreement on what the solutions to our problems are.  Instead, blaming others for our problems has become a new American pastime.  The very fabric of our society is coming apart at the seams and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted isbeginning to disappear.  What is America going to look like if we continue to go even farther down this road?

The following statistics come from various surveys and opinion polls that have been conducted recently.  Without a doubt, these numbers show that Americans are angrier and more frustrated than ever…

#1 65 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the U.S. system of government and its effectiveness”.  That is the highest level of dissatisfaction that Gallup has ever recorded.

#2 66 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the size and power of federal government”.

#3 70 percent of Americans do not have confidence that the government will “make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

#4 Only 8 percent of Americans believe that Congress is doing a “good” or “excellent” job.

#5 Only 4 percent of Americans believe that it would “change Congress for the worse” if every member was voted out during the next election.

#6 60 percent of Americans report feeling “angry or irritable”.  Two years ago that number was at 50 percent.

#7 53 percent of Americans believe that the Obama administration is “not competent in running the government”.

#8 An all-time low 31 percent of Americans identify themselves as Democrats.

#9 An all-time low 25 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

#10 An all-time high 42 percent of Americans identify themselves as Independents.

#11 Barack Obama’s daily job approval numbers have dipped down into the high thirties several times lately.

#12 Only 38 percent of Americans approve of the way that Obama is handling the economy.

#13 60 percent of Americans believe that the “economic system in this country unfairly favors the wealthy”.

#14 70 percent of Americans do not “feel engaged or inspired at their jobs”.

#15 Two-thirds of U.S. teens “admit to having anger attacks involving the destruction of property, threats of violence, or engaging in violence”.

#16 36 percent of Americans admit that they have yelled at customer service agents during the past year.

#17 73 percent of Americans believe that Obama’s efforts to “reform” the NSA “won’t make much difference in protecting people’s privacy”.

#18 77 percent of Americans believe that the state of the economy is either “not so good” or “poor”.

#19 65 percent of Americans are either “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the direction of the country.

Are you starting to get the picture?

We have never seen anything like this in the United States during the post-World War II era.  People are fundamentally unhappy, and that has tremendous implications for the future of our society.

So what is causing all of this anger and frustration?

Well, of course the economic struggles that tens of millions of Americans are experiencing on a daily basis play a huge role.  The following is an excerpt from a recent local Fox News report

Some are describing this as “America’s anger epidemic.” And there are a few reasons: uncertainty in the job market and the economy, working long hours — on average about one month more now than they did in the 1970s and with less vacation.

So if it seems like Americans are angrier these days it’s because we are.

And it is easy to understand why people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the incompetence and rampant corruption in Washington D.C.

Grim findings have been coming thick and fast. Most Americans no longer see President Barack Obama as honest. Half think that he “knowingly lied” to pass his Obamacare health law. Fewer than one in five trust the government in Washington to do what is right all or most of the time. Confidence in Congress has fallen to record lows: in America, as in Italy and Greece, just one in ten voters expresses trust or confidence in the national parliament. Frankly straining credulity, a mammoth, 107-country poll by Transparency International, a corruption monitor, this summer found Americans more likely than Italians to say that they feel that the police, business and the media are all “corrupt or extremely corrupt”.

Americans are also turning on one another. Since 1972 the Chicago-based General Social Survey (GSS) has been asking whether most people can be trusted, or whether “you can’t be too careful” in daily life. Four decades ago Americans were evenly split. Now almost two-thirds say others cannot be trusted, a record high.

In addition, there are certainly other reasons why people are so angry these days as well…

The “Knockout Game” grows more popular. Athletes throw tantrums that would embarrass most 3-year-olds. Race relations simmer at a constant near-boil, while our leaders engage in enough posturing and name-calling to look more like a modern version of “West Side Story” than the servant-citizens who should inspire peace and mutual respect.

So what do you believe?

Why do you think that Americans are so angry and so frustrated these days?

Is there anything we can do about it?

And how bad will the anger and frustration in this country get when the economy completely collapses?


The Daily Sheeple

Jeremiah Wright Compares Tea Party to Lynch Mobs

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This is from Town Hall.

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.would be deeply hurt  by the racial hatred being preached by Wright and Obama.

If the Tea Party is a lynch mob 2.0  wasn’t Jereimah Wright lynched in 2008 after this speech became known?

It is elementary my Dear Watson the Tea Party does not have

nor never will have a lynch mob mentality.

To “celebrate” Martin Luther King Day, President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, preached a little hatred:

To “celebrate” Martin Luther King Day, President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, preached a little hatred:

From Delaware Online:

“Tell your children we have some unfinished business on the agenda with the voting rights bill gutted by a right-wing dominated Supreme Court … with mass incarceration robbing black and brown communities of any positive future … with jobs being shipped overseas … with one branch of the tea party being nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of the lynch mobs … with some folks doing everything they can to get that black man out of their White House.”

Given that President Obama sat in this man’s church for twenty years, was married by him, and allowed him to baptize his children, perhaps it’s not surprising that the President, too, seems to see far too much of the world in terms of racial animus.

One wonders what Dr. King — a man who struggled with grace and nobility against real racial animus — would think of both of them.

We must never forget Jeremiah Wright’s hate filled rant we learned about in 2008.

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