Texas, Indiana, South Dakota Race to Become 13th Permitless Carry State

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

I am going to urge my legislators here in Indiana to pass Constitutional Carry.

Lawmakers in Texas, Indiana, and South Dakota are in a race to make their respective state the 13th state to abolish a concealed carry permit requirement.

The push is being sponsored by Republicans in every instance, all of whom are pushing to recognize the Second Amendment as a sufficient concealed carry permit in and of itself.

In Texas, the push is being spearheaded by state representative Jonathan Stickland (R-92nd) via HB 375. The text of HB 375 is clear: “Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, a person who is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a firearm shall not be required to obtain any license to carry a handgun as a condition for carrying a handgun.”

In Indiana, the push to abolish a concealed carry permit requirement is being sponsored by Jim Lucas (R-Seymour). CBS 4 reports Lucas’ belief that it is “immoral” to require law-abiding citizens to get a concealed carry permit before being allowed to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms. And he equates a permit requirement with criminalizing law-abiding citizens in that it “[forces] an innocent person to jump through hoops and pay money to the state to prove their innocence and exercise a constitutional right.”

In South Dakota, the permitless carry effort is being led by state representative Lynne DiSanto (R-35th). She believes permitless carry is the kind of carry “the Constitution intended.” According to the Associated Press, DiSanto has the practical hope that removing the permitting cost and hassle will make it easier for South Dakota residents to keep and carry gun for defense of themselves and their families.

Twelve states currently recognize permitless carry: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, and West Virginia. It should be noted that there are certain parts of Arkansas and Montana where a permit is required, but the vast portion of both states–99.4 percent, according to Gun Owners of America–is permitless.

Four states adopted permitless carry in 2016. Those states: Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, and West Virginia.


Advices from An Old Farmer

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This is from my Facebook page.

The best advice ever.


View page: 3000 x 2262 · jpegImage may be subject to copyright.  A Picture of an Old Rocking Chair in a Paper Farmer Reading Farmer reading his farm paper - Coryell County, Texas, September 1931 - by George W. Ackerman.

A Picture of an Old Rocking Chair in a Paper Farmer Reading
Farmer reading his farm paper – Coryell County, Texas, September 1931 – by George W. Ackerman.


Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong.
Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.
Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.
A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.
Words that soak into your ears are whispered… not yelled.
Meanness don’t jes’ happen overnight.
Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.
Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.
It don’t take a very big person to carry a grudge.
You cannot unsay a cruel word.
Every path has a few puddles.
When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.
The best sermons are lived, not preached.
Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.
Don’t judge folks by their relatives.
Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
Live a good, honorable life… Then when you get older and think back, you’ll enjoy it a second time.
Don ‘t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t bothering you none.
Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance.
If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.
Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.
The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin’.
Always drink upstream from the herd.
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.
Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.
If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around..
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.
Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.
Most times, it just gets down to common sense.

HERE THEY ARE: The 46 Republicans That Voted to Repeal the First Amendment #GOPFascism


This is from Clash Daily.

These people are RINO’s not Conservative Republicans.

I hope Texas allows recalls and these 46 useful idiots get fired.



When Texas legislators found out about the undercover video footage about to be released by Joseph Basel and Hannah Giles with the American Phoenix Foundation, they had to quickly push through legislation, SB 19, which would criminalize this first amendment practice. With over 800 hours of footage that have yet to be released, the following Texas Republicans are those who voted to pass SB 19.

AUSTIN – The Texas Legislature Wednesday pushed through controversial legislation which repeals portions of the First Amendment, effectively ending citizen journalism in the Capitol. The new law is an attempt for legislators to shield themselves from scrutiny even in public areas of the Capitol building.

In a stunning show of bipartisanship, the Texas House rushed through SB 19 which includes provisions which some say severely curtail the first amendment rights of the press. Civil penalties for video reporting could now include $10,000 fines per occurrence.

Here are the Texas State House Republicans that voted to repeal the First Amendment in Texas. Let them know what you think of the Constitution.

  1. Trent Ashby (HD 57)
  2. Jimmy Don Aycock (HD 54)
  3. Cindy Burkett (HD 113)
  4. DeWayne Burns (HD 58) @BurnsForTexas
  5. Angie Chen Button (HD 112) @AngieChenButton
  6. Giovanni Capriglione (HD 98)
  7. Travis Clardy (HD 11) @TravisForTexas
  8. Byron Cook (HD 8)
  9. Tony Dale (HD 136) @TonyDaleTX
  10. Drew Darby (HD 72)
  11. Sarah Davis (HD 134)
  12. Gary Elkins (HD 135)
  13. Wayne Faircloth (HD 23) @WayneFaircloth
  14. Dr. Marsha Farney (HD 20)
  15. John Frullo (HD 84)
  16. Rick Galindo (HD 117) @GalindoForRep
  17. Charlie Geren (HD 99) @charliegeren
  18. Larry Gonzales (HD 52)
  19. Patricia Harless (HD 126)
  20. Dan Huberty (HD 127)
  21. Todd Hunter (HD 32)
  22. Kyle Kacal (HD 12)
  23. Jim Keffer (HD 60)
  24. Ken King (HD 88)
  25. Linda Koop (HD 102) @LindaKoopHD102
  26. John Kuempel (HD 44)
  27. Lyle Larson (HD 122)
  28. Jose Manuel Lozano (HD 43)
  29. Morgan Meyer (HD 108)
  30. Doug Miller (HD 73)
  31. Rick Miller (HD 26)
  32. Jim Murphy (HD 133)
  33. John Otto (HD 18)
  34. Tan Parker (HD 63)
  35. Larry Philips (HD 62)
  36. Four Price (HD 87) @FourPriceTX
  37. John Raney (HD 14)
  38. Debbie Riddle (HD 150) @debbieriddle
  39. Dr. J.D. Sheffield (HD 59)
  40. Ron Simmons (HD 65)
  41. Wayne Smith (HD 128)
  42. Ed Thompson (HD 29)
  43. Gary VanDeaver (HD 1) @GaryVanDeaver
  44. Jason Villalba (HD 114)
  45. Paul Workman (HD 47)
  46. John Wray (HD 10) @wrayfortexas10
  47. Screen-Shot-2015-05-28-at-9.45.10-PM


“Westboro Kory” Watkins Torches Open Carry Movement With “Punishable By Death” Threat

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This is from Bearing Arms.

To call this man child an idiot would be an upgrade to his actual IQ.

Is Kory working for Micheal Bloomberg?



Kory Watkins, the leader of Open Carry Tarrant County, is the Fred Phelps of the open carry movement in the United States, “leading” with hate, and turning everything he touches to cinder and ash.

In the video, Watkins states that he is frustrated with what he calls games legislators are playing with his push for so-called “Constitutional carry” rights.

He then goes on to suggest that failure to open Texas up to open carry of pistols without any licensing requirements is tantamount to treason.

“We should demanding these people give us our rights back or it’s punishable by death. Treason. Do you understand how serious this is Texas?” Watkins asks. “This is treason against the American people. You don’t sell my right back to me. You’re going to find trouble.”


Many pro-gun people agree with the concept of constitutional carry. They have the good sense to know that the best way to transition to constitutional carry is to make calm, rational, intelligent, and data-driven arguments that inevitably convince people that constitutional carry is the most rational position for a free people to adopt.

This persuasive effort must be directed at the average voter, who isn’t a “gun guy,” and who currently sees the status quo arrangement of licensed concealed carry and no open carry as a solution that has worked for many years.

Those who can eloquently make those logical arguments for constitutional carry have good chance of getting much of what they are asking for, thanks to a sympathetic political climate in Texas that is very favorable for gun rights reform.

Unfortunately, Kory Watkins and his band of misfits that are Open Carry Tarrant County almost single-handedly wrecked an attempt at getting even the most moderate open carry reforms passed with their continued antics.

At this moment, I think that there is an argument to be made that Kory Watkins is the single most effective advocate for gun control in the United States.

I hope he’s smart enough to ask Mike Bloomberg for a check.


Gun deaths for U.S. officers rose by 56 percent in 2014: report

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This is from Yahoo News Canada.

In the current racial situation, how many more police officers will die?

R. I. P. Valiant Warriors.


A combination image shows mourning bands placed over different police badges at the funeral of slain NYPD officer Rafael Ramos at Christ Tabernacle Church in the Queens borough of New York December 27, 2014. Targeted for their uniform, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were slain last Saturday afternoon while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn in what is only the seventh instance of police partners being killed together in the city in more than 40 years. Thousands of police officers from departments around the country, including those in St. Louis, Atlanta, Boston, New Orleans and Washington, D.C., were expected to join U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and other officials for the funeral service at the church on Saturday. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri (UNITED STATES - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CRIME LAW OBITUARY)

Reuters/REUTERS – A combination image shows mourning bands placed over different police badges at the funeral of slain NYPD officer Rafael Ramos at Christ Tabernacle Church in the Queens borough of New York December 27, 2014. Targeted for their uniform, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were slain last Saturday afternoon while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn in what is only the seventh instance of police partners being killed together in the city in more than 40 years. Thousands of police officers from departments around the country, including those in St. Louis, Atlanta, Boston, New Orleans and Washington, D.C., were expected to join U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and other officials for the funeral service at the church on Saturday. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri (UNITED STATES – Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CRIME LAW OBITUARY)

(Reuters) – Gun related deaths of U.S. law enforcement officers rose by 56 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year, with about one-third of officers killed in an ambush, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund said on Tuesday.

Across the country, 50 officers were killed by guns in 2014 compared to 32 in 2013, according to the website of the non-profit fund, which aims to increase safety for law enforcement officers.

The most deadly states were California, Texas, New York, Florida and Georgia, the group said.

“Fifteen officers were shot and killed in ambush, more than any other circumstance of fatal shootings in 2014,” the website said.

The deadly ambush of two New York City policemen as they sat in their squad car in New York on Dec. 20 was a flashpoint in a deepening rift between the city’s police department and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The mayor had expressed qualified support for protests sparked by the deaths of unarmed black men in confrontations with white officers, and said he warned his biracial son of the “dangers he may face” in encountering police officers.

The shooter who killed the two policemen and then himself had written online that he was avenging the deaths of two unarmed black men last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York.

Altogether, 126 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in 2014, a 24 percent increase from 2013, when 102 officers were killed, the fund said.

The number of firearms-related fatalities matches 2012 statistics, when 50 officers were killed by guns,” the fund said.

The second most common cause of death for officers in 2014 was traffic-related incidents.

In These 13 States, Gas Is Selling for Below $2 a Gallon

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This is from The Daily Signal.

In my part of Indiana gas is still $2.39.9 per gallon.

Yet 92.4 miles away in Franklin, Indiana gas is $1.87.9 per gallon. 



Just two weeks ago, a sole gas station in Oklahoma swept headlines for dropping gas prices below $2 a gallon. Today, 13 states have joined that list, and the trend is expanding.

Gas for less than $1.90 a gallon can be found in at least one station in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio, according to CNN. CNN cites 10 additional states– Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia– that now have gas below $2 a gallon.

“What we’re seeing is markets at work,” Heritage Foundation economist Nick Loris said. “Significant increases in supply and a relatively weak demand is lowering prices not just at the pump, but for most of the goods and services we pay for.”

The national average has dipped to $2.55 a gallon, marking the lowest drop since October 2009, according to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. Just a year ago, that average was $3.23.

“Oil prices are plunging because there is so much oil in the market,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said in a press release. “It’s unclear exactly how long this will continue, but gas prices will keep falling as long as oil prices do.”

Jenkins said oil prices are predicted to continue dropping through the first half of next year, increasing the “likelihood of $2 gasoline.”

CNN partially attributes this drop in prices to decreased oil demand because of the “economic slowdowns” across Europe and Asia along with increasingly fuel-efficient vehicles.

Another key reason for the drop is the increase in U.S. output. Domestic oil production is at a three-decade high, contributing to the increase in supply and driving down costs.

But Loris cautions against celebrating too soon.

“The falling prices are certainly a welcome relief,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean policymakers should ignore the government-imposed regulations and restrictions that artificially inflate prices and prevent markets from working more efficiently.”




Happy Holidays, From OPEC: Will Gas Drop to $2?

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This is from Fox News Business.

Where would gas prices be if we were drilling in Anwar and the Keystone XL Pipeline was built?


Holiday travelers are getting a nice gift this year with gasoline prices well below $3 a gallon in most states. Some drivers could pay even less than $2 this week after OPEC’s decision to stand still ignited a big selloff in oil. is projecting that by the end of the week a gas station in Texas or South Carolina will be the first in the U.S. to drop its price for regular gas to $1.99 a gallon.

“Even a week ago, I would have said no way,” Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, said when asked whether $2 gas comes as a surprise. “What a gift from OPEC. It’s the perfect time of year for this to happen.”

Last week, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said its members will keep oil production at current levels. Many industry experts expected the cartel to slash production amid a deep slide in oil prices, which hit five-year lows following the announcement.

Oil has rapidly retreated over the last five months, as traders have grown increasingly worried that global supplies are exceeding demand. All eyes are on surging production in the U.S., where drillers are capitalizing on hard-to-reach shale oil.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil rebounded $2.39, or 3.6%, to $68.54 a barrel in recent trading Monday. WTI for January delivery tumbled as low as $63.72 a barrel.

Slumping oil prices have provided relief at gas pumps across the country. According to GasBuddy, the national average was approximately $2.76 a gallon Monday morning, down 24 cents versus last month and 52 cents year-over-year.

That means big savings for motorists, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Americans are spending $200 million less on gas every day compared to last year.

DeHaan initially believed gas prices would fall to an average of $2.85 a gallon by Christmas, but the market’s volatile response to the OPEC news was a game-changer. Now he’s forecasting gas in the $2.50s.

About 12% of U.S. gas stations already charge less than $2.50 a gallon. More than a third of stations will be under $2.50 by Christmas, DeHaan said, and he characterized his estimate as conservative.

Drivers who live near the Gulf of Mexico, or in states with lower gas taxes, are more likely to see prices of $2.50 or less by the end of the year. But the chances of a nationwide drop to $2 a gallon remain slim. DeHaan noted that $2 gas will be available at isolated stations, while the national average won’t drop below $2 unless oil prices breach $60 a gallon.

“These sudden plunges in oil are very worrisome because it suggests the market is in a panic mode. A gradual decline is much more likely to last than a brief plunge,” he explained.

Top 5 states with most deep-fried turkey accidents

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This is from Fox News.





Although a mighty delicious tradition, deep-frying a turkey on Thanksgiving can be risky.

Every year deep-fryer fires are responsible for five deaths, 60 injuries, the destruction of 900 homes, and more than $15-million in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

So you want to know which state has the most accidents?

For the last seven years, Texas has led the country in most grease- and cooking-related insurance claims on Thanksgiving Day, with 38 according to insurance company State Farm.  Illinois follows, with 27 reports and Pennsylvania and Ohio are tied for third with 23.  New York ranked fourth, with 22 claims and South Carolina and Georgia claimed fifth with 16 claims each.


Man Beats Daughter’s Rapist To Death, Not Charged

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This is from America Military News.

I want to commend the ranchers swift actions and his compassion for the perpetrator.

I do not think I would have had the same compassion.

It is a good thing the rancher was not charged with killing this scumbag.


Justice has been served. A father caught his young daughter being raped and swiftly killed the assailant and now is being rightfully protected from charges!


When a 24 year old rancher in Texas was tipped off that a man abducted his 5-year-old daughter and was raping her, the father wasted no time to take justice into his own hands.

The father ran to the scene, witnessed the assault himself and swiftly delivered several blows to the head and neck of the rapist, eventually killing him.

No charges have been filed against the father as the homicide was sanctioned by Texas law. This father should be commended for acting so quickly and death is the only punishment for an heinous act like the rape of a child. Our prayers go out to the father an his child who are still recovering from that traumatic event.


A Texas rancher who beat his daughter’s accused molester to death moments after he discovered the man raping the 5-year-old girl, will not be charged with his homicide, officials said, as they released chilling 911 tapes of the father calling for help as the other man died.

A grand jury Tuesday decided not to indict the 24-year-old father who beat ranch hand Jesus Mora Flores to death with his bare hands, after finding the man abusing his daughter behind a barn.

“I need an ambulance. This guy was raping my daughter and I don’t know what to do,” the father is heard telling dispatchers in a frantic call to 911.

The attack happened on June 9 at an isolated ranch near Shiner, Texas. A witness saw Flores “forcibly carrying” the girl into a secluded area and ran to find the father, according to court documents. Running towards his daughter’s screams, the father found Flores and the girl, both with their underwear removed, according to police reports.

He pulled Flores off the little girl and “inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area,” according to documents.

Authorities who examined the girl and Flores’ body confirmed a sexual assault had occurred.

ABC News does not identify the victims of sexual assault, and is not identifying the father in an effort to protect the minor girl’s identity.

The father called 911 from a cell phone and did not immediately know his exact whereabouts, making it difficult for emergency personnel to find him.

“Come on! This guy is going to die on me!” the man yelled at the 911 dispatcher. “I don’t know what to do.”

The father was never arrested, but Flores’ death was investigated as a homicide.

 Read More At ABC News

– See more at:

Show Em Your Badge Sonny ….

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Hat Tip To Odie@Woodsterman






A DEA Agent stopped at a ranch in Texas and talked to an old rancher. He told the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.” The rancher said, “okay, but don’t go into that field over there…”, as he pointed out the location.
The DEA Agent verbally exploded and said, “look mister, I have the authority of the federal government with me!” Reaching into his rear back pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and proudly displayed it to the rancher.
“See this badge?! This badge means I can go wherever I want… On any land! No questions asked, no answers given! Do you understand old man?!”

The rancher kindly nodded, apologized, and went about his chores. Moments later the rancher heard loud screams, he looked up and saw the DEA agent running for his life, being chased by the ranchers big Santa Gertrudis Bull… With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it was likely that he’d sure enough get gored before he reached safety.

The officer was clearly terrified. The old rancher threw down his tools, ran as fast as he could to the fence, and yelled at the top of his lungs……


“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, 
that will herald the end of the republic” –  Ben Franklin 




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