House GOP Could Deliver Major Blow To Federal Unions

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H/T The Daily Caller.

The federal unions need to be broken and the civil service act needs to be reformed or repealed so these nameless faceless bureaucrats can be terminated. 

Republican lawmakers in the House are working to prevent federal employees from misusing “official time” to work on union activities.

Citing a report by the Government Accountability Office showing the Department of Veterans Affairs used one-third of its working hours between 2008 to 2012 on union business, House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations Chairman said the statistics show roughly 345 working essentially full-time on union issues despite being prohibited from conducting union-specific business.

“Official time certainly is of benefit, but when it’s used in excess, it becomes abusive,” he said. “Today is a somber moment. We have a responsibility to serve our veterans. Any abuse of the system will be looked at in a finite way, and we will correct it.”

The GAO report, which used information collected from the Office of Personnel Management, noted the VA failed to accurately track how official time was being used.

Texas Rep. Jodey Arrington, the chairman of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, echoed Meadows’ concerns.

“I don’t believe the average American would see this as reasonable or as necessary,” he said at a hearing Thursday. “I believe the average American would be outraged.”

“With the VA taking up one-third of the official time for the entire federal government, it’s important that it employs accurate methods to calculate and records to show how much time we’re spending on those union activities,” Meadows  continued.

Lawmakers should utilize the Holman Rule, Competitive Enterprise Institute policy adviser William Kovacs suggested, which allows Congress to dock individual federal employee pay for workers who have dedicated all their time to union work, The Washington Post reports.

Union leaders and Democrats slammed Republican criticisms, arguing it’s necessary to improve VA workplaces.

“Without the work of these unions, we would not be able to train appropriately. We would not be able to protect and facilitate whistleblowing,” Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke said. “It’s U.S. law going back to the Kennedy administration, and every single Congress and administration since then has found value in this.

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly of Virginia argued limiting use of official time could  place a disadvantage on whistleblowers looking to report things like poor VA conditions.

“I am certain that my colleagues do not intend to disadvantage whistleblowers, but the effect of their concerted attacks on unions and civil service protections would be to strip whistleblowers of their advocates in the workplace — their union,” Connolly said.

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HuffPost: White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ Because Trump Won

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H/T The Daily Caller.

The Huffing and Puffington Post can kiss my white ass.

A recent article published in The Huffington Post takes aim at white Christians who voted for Donald Trump, telling them they must examine and repent their racist ways.

In the article, entitled “Studying Racism As An Act Of Repentance And Resistance In The Trump Era,” Jim Wallis writes,

“In our homes and in our churches, we must answer the question: “What should white Christians and white churches do in the Trump era?” Repent of the sin of racism. That means to study, learn, and change our relationships in order to act in changing our practices and policies of racism.”

Wallis also points to the fact that white Christian support of Trump is “painful” to him, and that “many people” are “losing trust” in white Christians who say they are not racists.

He notes that white Christians voted for Trump in a higher number than whites without a college degree did.

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When The NATO Bill Hits The Table, These Are The Countries Who Hesitate To Reach For The Wallet

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H/T The Daily Caller.

It is time for our Allies in NATO to pony up for their part of the financial burden to protect them or face being told screw you if they get into trouble. 

NATO figures show several countries are far below the 2 percent of GDP spending criteria as the Trump administration pushes for countries to increase spending under threat of a more “moderate” commitment from their strongest ally.

Out of the alliance’s 28 members, just five meet the spending goal. U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis issued an ultimatum to NATO allies Wednesday regarding their reluctance to prioritize spending. (RELATED: Mattis Warns NATO: Pay Up)

“No longer can the American taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the defense of western values,” Mattis said. “Americans cannot care more for your children’s security than you do. Disregard for military readiness demonstrates a lack of respect for ourselves, for the alliance and for the freedoms we inherited, which are now clearly threatened.”

Only the U.S., the U.K., Greece, Poland and Estonia currently meet the spending requirement according to numbers released in December. America tops the list at 3.61 percent, followed by Greece at 2.38 percent of GDP.

Luxembourg and Belgium are at the bottom of the list with 0.44 percent and 0.85 percent of GDP spending on defense, respectively. Spain, Slovenia and Canada are the other three countries below 1 percent.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said America’s allies raised their spending by a combined $10 billion in 2016. (RELATED: Trump Win? NATO Allies About To Increase Defense Spending)

“The most important thing is we increase defense spending, and that is exactly what we are doing,” Stoltenberg said Tuesday. “It is an important step. But it is not enough. We have to do more.”

A select few countries are responsible for the 3.8 percent overall increase. Germany — which turned pacifist after starting and losing two world wars in the 20th century — has announced a number of new defense initiatives with France, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and the Czech Republic. The country is still far below the mark at 1.19 percent of GDP in defense spending.

Other major allies — including France (1.78 percent), Turkey (1.56) and Italy (1.11) — are also below the mark.

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Two Senate Dems Buck Their Party To Support Trump’s EPA Pick

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H/T The Daily Caller.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia both see the hand writing on the wall.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia will buck their party and vote in favor of confirming Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Manchin voted to end cloture on Pruitt’s confirmation Thursday, signaling he would vote in favor of President Donald Trump’s nominee. Manchin’s office confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation he would vote “yes” on Pruitt.

Heitkamp’s office confirmed to New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin Thursday she would also be a “yes” vote on Pruitt.


Heitkamp a YES on Pruitt, her office announces.

Manchin and Heitkamp are bucking their party, which has overwhelmingly come out against Pruitt who they say will eliminate environmental protections. Environmentalists and lawmakers say Pruitt is a “climate denier” who will do the bidding of “Big Oil.”

A coalition of liberal groups recently sued Pruitt’s AG office for records they say will prove the EPA nominee colluded with energy companies to roll back environmental rules.

Pruitt’s been involved in a number of lawsuits against EPA over the years, challenging regulations he argued impinged on state sovereignty and hurt local economies. Pruitt’s promised to recuse himself from cases he worked on against EPA in the last year.

Democrats plan to hold the floor for the next 30 hours to push back Pruitt’s confirmation vote.

“We’re not going to back down,” Delaware Sen. Tom Carper said in an online video, “we’re going to hold our ground.”

Manchin’s and Heitkamp’s “yes” votes on Pruitt more than make up for Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collin’s planned “no” vote.

Trump is expected to sign executive orders targeting EPA global warming regulations and other programs shortly after Pruitt is confirmed.

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CCW Weekend: How To Search For A Self Defense Lawyer

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H/T The Daily Caller. 

This is something every gun owner needs to consider.

It could save you from financial ruin.

If you’re going to have a gun in the home, or carry in a gun holster for defense of yourself, then you had better be prepared for what happens AFTER the shot. Some people have fantasies in their head about how they shall nobly shooteth the bad man, be feted by the press, get a garland of roses, a victory parade and many other accolades.

If you think anything remotely close to that is going to happen, stop now.

First you call the police and tell them there’s been a shooting. Then, call a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, you should at least be aware of whom might be called upon as a self-defense lawyer should you need one – though it’s not like you’re going to be able to find a “self-defense lawyer” in the yellow pages. The traffic laws of any given state are complicated enough; the subtleties of a shooting are much more complex.

How do you find one then?

There are a few different ways to get access to a self-defense lawyer if you don’t have one on retainer already. First is to purchase concealed carry or self-defense insurance that includes legal services as part of the coverage. Just like with car insurance, you call if you have an incident and need assistance.

Such services vary in how they work. Some products are essentially a legal subscription service, and your premiums buy you access to a network of lawyers on retainer for the “insurance” company. If you need services, you call the national hotline and they put you in touch with the nearest lawyer or office that they have on retainer. Other self-defense insurance products leave it to you to find a lawyer, but they will cover the costs should you need one.

However, if you don’t have CCW insurance, there are also some ways to find a self-defense attorney on your own, should you need one. Again, it isn’t as simple as cracking open the yellow pages and seeing what “self-defense lawyers” are listed because there won’t be any.

One way is look at the website of or call your state’s bar association. Bar associations will typically have directories where you can look up lawyers by location and by specialty, so you can find who is in your area and possibly who has the expertise you need in order to defend yourself in court.

Naturally, criminal defense is going to be the main area of expertise you’ll want to look for, but pay special attention to those attorneys that have experience in firearms law. These attorneys may have more knowledge about the laws pertaining to judicially excusable use of firearms than general criminal law practitioners.

Another top tip? Search for any self-defense cases in your area and especially those cases where the defense was successful. (Naturally!) See if the attorney’s name is mentioned. If so, then that may be the lawyer to hire. If you can’t find any in Google, try Lexis-Nexis or check to see if there are any law libraries in your area. Someone there may be able to point you in the right direction.

Another good resource is the NRA-ILA. The National Rifle Association keeps a database of attorneys that deal in self-defense cases and specifically in self-defense cases involving the use of firearms. The NRA happens to also offer self-defense insurance, in case you’re curious. They should be able to tell you who they are aware of in the area. They may not be aware of every self-defense lawyer in the vicinity, but they should know of a few that can help.

What you should look for specifically is experience and success, meaning a self-defense lawyer that has tried a self defense case and won. An attorney who has also successfully defended a client against a civil wrongful death case as well as a criminal self defense case is even better, as more than one person has been acquitted in criminal court only to face ruin in civil court for defending themselves.

As far as price…you don’t want to compromise your defense for the sake of a few dollars. Most attorneys are willing to work out a payment plan and it’s better to cut a check every month for the rest of your life than spend the rest of your life in a cell.

Here are some suggestions:

NRA Insurance

United States Concealed Carry Association

Second Call Defense

CCW Safe

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Click here to get your Complete Guide To Gun Safety

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There Are Still 117 Court Vacancies To Be Filled By Trump

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H/T The Daily Caller.

I hope President Trump has many people in mind that are Constitutionalist and appoints them as soon as possible.

President Donald Trump’s influence on the federal judiciary goes further than just filling one seat on the Supreme Court. The president needs to fill 117 vacancies on various federal courts.

On Jan. 31, Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. While this was certainly an important seat to fill, more than 13 percent of all lifetime judiciary positions remain vacant.

The U.S. Court of Appeals currently has 18 vacancies, the District courts have 91, the Court of International Trade has 2 vacant seats, and the Court of Federal Claims has 6. Many of these picks would have the potential to change the balance of several U.S. courts.

The Senate has not yet held a vote to confirm Gorsuch.

 Right now, less than half of the judges on the Circuit Courts of Appeals and only about 35 percent of judges on District courts were appointed by a Republican president.While a judge’s ideology usually does not impact decisions in most District court cases, Circuit Court judges have a lot more room to apply their own opinions in their rulings — as seen with the recent 9th district ruling against Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

At the start of their presidencies, President Ronald Reagan was charged with filling 34 seats, George H.W. Bush filled 37 seats, George W. Bush had 84, and there were 54 vacancies when Obama entered office.

The president has a rare opportunity to fill a number of vacant seats not seen since President Bill Clinton, who had 111 to fill, greatly impacting the judicial landscape for years to come.

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Dem Senator: ‘Despite The Passage Of Time,’ We’re Just As Racist As We Were In 1963

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H/T The Daily Caller.

Senator Bill Nelson(D-FL) is correct about the racism because Bathhouse Barry and the DemocRats have divided the races.

Senator Bill Nelson stated on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon that American race relations have not advanced since 1963.

The Florida Democrat, speaking in opposition to Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to serve as the next U.S. attorney general, recalled watching Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech on “a grainy black and white TV.”

“He stressed that a central promise made to the citizens in a Democracy is the right to vote and to have that vote counted,” he continued. “We cannot, [MLK] said, be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote, end of quotation.”

“Half a century has passed, and our country has changed with the times,” Nelson added. “But one thing has not changed; the right to vote for all God’s children in America is still under assault.”

“Unbelievably, we are not so very far from the problems of 1963, despite the passage of time and landmark voting and civil legislation.”

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