A Censored Race War


This is by Thomas Sowell in National Review.

The media want to ignore the hate filled attacks by blacks.

The Liberals want to say it is because of slavery whites are attacked.

The are attacks by hate filled ignorant thugs.

 The race hustlers Jackson and Sharpton are to blame.

They come in a spew venom and poison young minds.

The media ignore racially motivated black-on-white crime.

When two white newspaper reporters for theVirginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks — beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work — that might sound like news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper. But it wasn’t.

The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident. Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

Similar episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls, or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles, and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug.

In Milwaukee, for example, an attack on whites at a public park a few years ago left many of the victims battered to the ground and bloody. But when the police arrived on the scene, it became clear that the authorities wanted to keep this quiet.


One 22-year-old woman, who had been robbed of her cell phone and debit card, and had blood streaming down her face, said, “About 20 of us stayed to give statements and make sure everyone was accounted for. The police wouldn’t listen to us, they wouldn’t take our names or statements. They told us to leave. It was completely infuriating.”

The police chief seemed determined to head off any suggestion that this was a racially motivated attack by saying that crime is color-blind. Officials elsewhere have said similar things.

A wave of such attacks in Chicago were reported, but not the race of the attackers or victims. Media outlets that do not report the race of people committing crimes nevertheless report racial disparities in imprisonment and write heated editorials blaming the criminal-justice system.

What the authorities and the media seem determined to suppress is that the hoodlum elements in many ghettoes launch coordinated attacks on whites in public places. If there is anything worse than a one-sided race war, it is a two-sided race war, especially when one of the races outnumbers the other several times over.

It may be understandable that some people want to head off such a catastrophe, either by not reporting the attacks in this race war, or by not identifying the race of those attacking, or by insisting that the attacks were not racially motivated — even when the attackers themselves voice anti-white invective as they laugh at their bleeding victims.

Trying to keep the lid on is understandable. But a lot of pressure can build up under that lid. If and when that pressure leads to an explosion of white backlash, things could be a lot worse than if the truth had come out earlier, and steps taken by both black and white leaders to deal with the hoodlums and with those who inflame them.


These latter would include not only race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but also lesser-known people in the media, in educational institutions, and elsewhere who hype grievances and make all the problems of blacks the fault of whites. Some of these people may think that they are doing blacks a favor. But it is no favor to anyone who lags behind to turn their energies from the task of improving and advancing themselves to the task of lashing out at others.

These others extend beyond whites. Asian-American schoolchildren in New York and Philadelphia have for years been beaten up by their black classmates. But people in the mainstream media who go ballistic if some kid says something unkind on the Internet about a homosexual classmate nevertheless hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil when Asian-American youngsters are victims of violence.


Those who automatically say that the social pathology of the ghetto is due to poverty, discrimination, and the like cannot explain why such pathology was far less prevalent in the 1950s, when poverty and discrimination were worse. But there were not nearly as many grievance mongers and race hustlers then.


ABC News Exclusive: Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting


This is from ABC News.

It is amazing this information is just now coming out.

All of the race baiters are sure Zimmerman murdered Trayvon.

It sounds to me like George Zimmerman was in fear for his life.

Yet the Feds are saying it could be a hate crime and George needs to die.

A medical report compiled by the family physician of accused Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman and obtained exclusively by ABC News found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.

Zimmerman faces a second degree murder charge for the Feb. 26 shooting that left the unarmed 17-year-old high school junior dead. Zimmerman has claimed self defense in what he described as a life and death struggle that Martin initiated by accosting him, punching him in the face, then repeatedly bashing his head into the pavement.

Also today, a trove of documents are being examined by lawyers for both the defense and prosecution as part of discovery in Zimmerman’s trial — including 67 CDs worth of documents, video of Martin on the night of the shooting, his autopsy report and videos of Zimmerman’s questioning by police.

Zimmerman’s three-page medical report is included in those documents that the defense could use as evidence.

The morning after the shooting, on Feb. 27, Zimmerman sought treatment at the offices of a general physician at a family practice near Sanford, Fla. The doctor notes Zimmerman sought an appointment to get legal clearance to return to work.


The record shows that Zimmerman also suffered bruising in the upper lip and cheek and lower back pain. The two lacerations on the back of his head, one of them nearly an inch long, the other about a quarter-inch long, were first revealed in photos obtained exclusively by ABC News last month.

But the report also shows Zimmerman declined hospitalization the night of the shooting, and then declined the advice of his doctor to make a follow-up appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor.

In addition to his physical injuries, Zimmerman complained of stress and “occasional nausea when thinking about the violence.” But he was not diagnosed with a concussion. The doctor noted that it was “imperative” that Zimmerman “be seen with [sic] his psychologist for evaluation.”

According to the report, prior to the shooting Zimmerman had been prescribed Adderall and Temazepam, medications that can cause side effects such as agitation and mood swings, but in fewer than 10 percent of patients.

A neighbor told ABC News that the day after the shooting he saw Zimmerman as he spoke to officers outside his home. He too recalled seeing black eyes and significant swelling — as well as a bandage over his nose.

Moments after the shooting Zimmerman told eyewitnesses he shot Martin in self defense. He later told officers his head was being pounded into the pavement and that he feared for his life, but that it was only when Martin seemed to reach for the gun wedges in his waistband that Zimmerman drew his weapon and fired directly into Martin’s chest — killing him.

The medical notes may bolster Zimmerman’s claim that he acted in self-defense because he was being attacked. However, the prosecution contends that Zimmerman instigated the confrontation after profiling the teen, who was walking home after buying skittles and ice tea. They prosecution says Martin was breaking no laws and was not disturbing anyone as he walked back to his father’s girlfriend’s home.

Zimmerman was granted a $150,000 bail and has since been in deep hiding since his April 20 bail hearing.

MILLER: Injured vet’s guns stolen by D.C.

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This is from The Washington Times.

This will happen on a grand scale if Obama is reelected.

We need to elect Conservative Constitution abiding members of Congress.

After being injured on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Lt. Augustine Kim spent the night in a D.C. jail for possessing unregistered guns. 

kimMr. Kim was transporting his firearms from his parents’ house in New Jersey to South Carolina when he stopped at Walter Reed in Washington for a medical appointment in the summer of 2010.

After being pulled over, handcuffed, arrested, thrown in jail overnight, his guns were confiscated by the city.

In the end, the platoon leader felt forced to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, which was later dismissed, but the District still refuses to return to him $10,000 worth of firearms and parts. The national guardsman will deploy to Kosovo this summer. The city should return his property before he leaves to serve our nation overseas for the third time. 

Wounded Vet

Mr. Kim, an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank platoon leader, was the liaison officer to a specialized unit in Afghanistan, when he was injured in a vehicle crash. He broke multiple bones on the left side of his face and shattered his right arm. He was medivaced to Germany, where he spent two weeks getting treatment. He then spent three months in and out of the hospital at Walter Reed to get necessary facial surgery to fix his cracked lower orbit. 

Before deploying, the soldier had taken his gun collection to his parents’ house in New Jersey for safe storage. At the end of his recovery, he drove to the Garden State to pick up the supply and transport it to his home in Charleston.

He had one Colt Carbine AR15 rifle 6920 5.56/.223, a Beretta 92S in 9mm, a custom Springfield Armory 1911 in .45 caliber. The national guardsman’s  hobby is building and working on 1911 models, so he had spare parts, including a frame, barrel and upper receiver.

Arrested Driving Through D.C.

Returning to South Carolina on June 30, 2010, Mr. Kim stopped at Walter Reed for a doctor’s appointment. Afterwards, he got lost while driving his two-door Honda Civic in downtown D.C. in the evening. He was pulled over by police.  

The officer said that his driver’s license had been suspended. He was unaware of this. He found out the next morning that it was wrongly suspended due to a clerical error in which North Carolina incorrectly reported to South Carolina that he didn’t pay a speeding ticket. Mr. Kim called and had this cleared up the next morning. 

gun1However, because of the suspended license, the D.C. police officer called for backup, and told Mr. Kim he would have to go to the police station. Then the cops asked Mr. Kim if they could search his vehicle. The lieutenant agreed because his guns were properly locked in a case in the trunk, in compliance with federal firearm transport laws. Mr. Kim was handcuffed and told to sit on the curb during the search. 

He recalled that the officers inspected the collection and “were upset about the fact that I had the AR-15, which D.C. considers to be an ‘assault weapon.’” The model of rifle is illegal in the District, but not in his home state. 
The officers then told Mr. Kim he was in violation for the carrying firearms outside the home (in his vehicle) in the District.  The nation’s capital does not acknowledge the right to bear arms, so there are no carry rights. 

“I told them I had been under the impression that as long as the guns were locked in the back, with the ammunition separate, that I was allowed to transport them,” Mr. Kim told me in an interview. “They said, ‘That may be true, however, since you stopped at Walter Reed, that make you in violation of the registration laws.” It is illegal to possess a firearm anywhere in D.C. other than the home. 

Mr. Kim’s attorney, Richard Gardiner, said his client was lawfully transporting the firearms, and that would have been his defense if the matter went to trial. “The mistake he made was agreeing to a search of his vehicle,” the attorney explained in an interview. “If the police ask for consent to search, the answer is ‘no.’ If they ask, ‘why not?’ The answer is, ‘no.’”

Jail Time

After loading the gun cases into the squad car to be used as evidence, the police took Mr. Kim to police headquarters. He was booked on four felony counts of carrying outside the home. The maximum penalty for all these charges would be a $20,000 fine and 20 years imprisonment. 

The veteran spent a “few hours in the drunk tank,” then was moved to the central jail. It was cold on the steel slab, so he asked the police guard for a blanket. “He was surly with me and sarcastic. He said, ‘Oh you want blankets? Well they’re back ordered,’” Mr. Kim recalled. “I remember thinking, we treated detainees in Afghanistan better than this.” He didn’t get much sleep that night. 

gun2In the morning, the national guardsman was given a public defender and taken to arraignment. He called his squad leader at Walter Reed to pick him up and get his car.

Once back at the army base, he quickly resolved the driver’s license problem. He then went to the JAG office for legal advice.  “I knew if I got one felony, my military career would be over,” Mr. Kim told me. Since the case was in civil court, the military officer couldn’t help him with the charges. 

Mr. Kim was more concerned about his career. “I asked him for his opinion on how this would affect my getting subsequent security clearance,” he recalled. “The JAG eased his concerns: ‘You got arrested for carrying guns. That’s what you get paid for.’”

So Mr. Kim went online to find a firearms’ attorney in the area. He asked for recommendations on the gun forum and was quickly referred to Mr. Gardiner. “The posters said, ‘Don’t accept anyone else,” Mr. Kim recalled. “I didn’t know he was part of the Heller case.” The lawyer represents Dick Heller in his second lawsuit against the District for its unconstitutional firearms laws. 

The Courts

Over the next two months, Mr. Kim had to return to Washington for hearings and negotiations with the representative for the U.S. attorney. The feds knocked the original felony charges down to four misdemeanors of possession of unregistered firearms. 

He felt the prosecutor was sympathetic. “Pretty much everyone seemed in agreement on the fact that this had been some crazy misunderstanding. And, unfortunately, we had to through this whole goat rodeo now,” said Mr. Kim. 

Mr. Gardiner finally made a deal with the U.S. attorney in which Mr. Kim would plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge of one unregistered gun. If he avoided violating the law for nine months, all the charges would be dismissed. 

“They offered this great deal with no trial and a virtual guarantee the charges would be dismissed for two reasons,” explained the firearms attorney. “They knew they had slight problem with the transport issue.  And they knew he was a wounded vet. They just decided this wouldn’t be the best kind of case to get to trial.” Mr. Kim accepted the deal on Aug. 23, 2010. 

In May 2011, the charge was dismissed. His record, however is not expunged. It still shows he was arrested on four firearms charges, which were later dismissed. 

D.C Refuses to Return His Guns

Three weeks after the charges were dropped, the U.S. attorney’s office sent a form to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) property clerk certifying that Mr. Kim’s guns were no longer needed for evidence. Still, MPD would not release the guns.

gun3After waiting six months, Mr. Gardiner wrote to the District’s property clerk, Derek Gray, in Dec. 2011 to ask for Mr. Kim’s property to be returned. Neither Mr. Gray nor anyone from MPD has responded to the request. 

“This is legalized theft,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The charges were dropped, and they don’t give you your property back? The Constitution requires that if the government takes your property, it has to do something to keep it. They can’t sit around twiddling their thumbs.” 

On Friday, I asked MPD why it had not returned Mr. Kim’s guns to him after the charges were dismissed, and the U.S. attorney released the property in June 2011. 

On Monday, MPD spokesman Gwendolyn Crump said the department “notified the respondent’s attorney last week of his right to a hearing concerning the return of weapons.” Mr. Gardiner said that he did not receive a letter. The spokesman did not respond to my inquiry about the date the letter was sent. 

Ms. Crump also said that the department sent Mr. Kim a letter in March, but it was returned undeliverable from his legal address, which the spokesman was unable to provide at press time. The Army lieutenant said that he moved within South Carolina in Sept. 2011, but has the mail forwarded to his new address. The normal process is to notify the attorney on record, however, and MPD never responded to Mr. Gardiner’s letter from December. 

Looking back on this whole experience, Mr. Kim now says that, “It was a pain driving back and forth up to D.C. and having to pay a lawyer, but the biggest loss is I’m out ten grand worth of guns.” He’s now in South Carolina preparing for his third overseas assignment to Kosovo.

A valiant soldier who proudly serves our country is being treated like a criminal by the District. The nation owes him gratitude, not harassment for safely transporting guns through the nation’s capital. The lieutenant’s firearms should be returned to him by overnight express — with a note of apology. 

FBI may charge George Zimmerman with hate crime

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This is from WFTV 9 Orlando,Fl.

This case is becoming a election year lynching.

George Zimmerman faces the death penalty if convicted of a hate crime.

How do the know what was in his heart and mind? Are they God?

SANFORD, Fla. — 

 WFTV has learned charges against George Zimmerman could be getting more serious.

State prosecutors said Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, profiled and stalked 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before killing him, so the FBI is now looking into charging him with a hate crime.

Zimmerman admitted to killing Martin in February during a confrontation. However, he claims the shooting was in self-defense. He’s facing a second-degree murder charge, which carries a maximum possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. But if Zimmerman is charged and found guilty of a federal hate crime involving murder, he could face the death penalty.

FBI investigators are actively questioning witnesses in the retreat at the Twin Lakes neighborhood, seeking evidence for a possible federal hate crime charge.

Martin was unarmed when he was shot to death, police said, and some accuse Zimmerman of targeting the teenager solely because of the color of his skin.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said federal prosecutors would have to prove the hate crime to charge Zimmerman, though.

“What the government would have to prove is that Mr. Zimmerman acted out of hatred toward African-Americans. That’s why he came into contact with him. That’s why he shot and killed him,” Sheaffer said.

Sheaffer said a federal hate crime murder charge could bring more serious consequences than the second-degree murder charge Zimmerman faces now.

“Mr. Zimmerman could be punished by up to life in prison or even the death penalty,” said Sheaffer.

Zimmerman said he used deadly force in self-defense after Martin punched him, knocked him to the ground and repeatedly slammed his head against a sidewalk.

As of late Monday, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, told WFTV that he’s gotten the first prosecution documents containing the evidence against his client. O’Mara said he’s gotten a redacted witness list with 22 witnesses listed only as numbers.

O’Mara said he believes there are recorded interviews and some documents, but he said he hasn’t even opened it yet.

Prosecutors are required to release information to the defense and the public

However, O’Mara, wants Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. to keep some of the key evidence, especially witness statements, out of the public eye by writing a motion to keep it sealed.

O’Mara posted a statement on Zimmerman’s website that said, “We doubt any of them (witnesses) enjoy the scrutiny they are under due to the coincidence of their involvement in such a high-profile matter.”

In the meantime, a photograph recently surfaced which is said to show Zimmerman’s mother in the arms of her grandfather, who is black.

Zimmerman’s mother testified at his bond hearing that she has met the black child whom he mentored and even risked his safety in a dangerous neighborhood to do it, because he didn’t want to abandon the child.

State prosecutors said Zimmerman gave several inconsistent statements to Sanford police, which is, in part, their basis for charging him with second-degree murder.


Fauxcahontas’ 1/32 Cherokee claim debunked

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This is from Human Events.

I am shocked a DemocRat would lie about their heritage.

They next thing you know a DemocRat will lie about having sex.

OOPS that has already happened.

Then a DemocRat will lie about using money ro support a misterss.

 Dang than has happened also.

 A DemocRat will be discovered to be in the Ku Klux Klan.

That turned out to be Robert “Sheets” Byrd.

 A DemocRat Senator will be under a cloud for a possible murder.

That would be Turd(Ted) Kennedy of Massachusetts.

I guess I am not really surprised about a lying DemocRat.

A time of myth and legend comes to an end.

It’s official: Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren isn’t even 3 percent Cherokee.  Michael Patrick Leahy at counts coup:

The slender thread upon which Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she is 1/32 Cherokee rests—a purported 1894 marriage license application—has been exposed as non-existent. Based on a review of the original marriage records found in the files of the Logan County, Oklahoma Court Clerk’s office in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the statements of ReJeania Zmek, the Court Clerk of Logan County, Oklahoma, it is likely that the ephemeral 1894 marriage license application never existed.

“In modern times we keep marriage license applications,” she said. “The way they’re issued now, you do the application, then you do the license. We currently do keep records of marriage license applications,” she said, explaining that this practice didn’t begin until around 1950.

Leahy offers a scan of the documentation – or, rather, non-documentation – at the link above, showing us a marriage license with blank columns for the race of both bride and groom.  It looks like the “Cherokee marriage application” myth was launched entirely on the basis of an unsubstantiated claim in a family newsletter from 2006.

The only other evidence the Warren campaign’s mad scramble for documentation has produced is a cookbook edited in 1984 by Warren’s first cousin, and entitled Pow Wow Chow: A Collection of Recipes From Families of the Five Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, & Seminole.  There doesn’t appear to be any documentary evidence of actual Indian heritage on the part of Warren’s cousin, either.  And here I was, wondering if this story could get any sillier. 

The fundamental absurdity of the entire Fauxcahontas saga stems from attempting to claim minority status based upon a single ancestor three generations removed.  If Warren’s parents or grandparents included any Native Americans, we wouldn’t be digging through sketchy paperwork from 1840 in search of proof.

The collapse of the “3 percent Cherokee” claim, which was already a patently absurd basis for Warren to seek special treatment as a diversity hire, led blogger William Jacobson ofLegal Insurrection to ask some pointed questions about the professional genealogist who initially supported her:

I reached out to Christopher Child, the well-known genealogist who was the source of the claim, and his employer, the prestigious New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), but they have gone silent, refusing to comment on, defend or correct their claim that Warren was 1/32 Cherokee… The fallout from Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Native American status threatens to drag down not only her campaign, but also the credibility one of the premier genealogical societies.

At this point, any media organization that uncritically repeats Warren’s claim to even the tiniest bit of American Indian heritage is committing journalistic fraud.  It must, at a minimum, be noted that no verifiable evidence for this claim exists.

Warren herself is still at it, hilariously declaring on CNN, “You know, I’m proud of my Native American heritage.  I’m proud of my family. It’s now the case that people have gone over my college records, my law school records, every job I’ve ever had to see that I got my work. I got my jobs because I do my work. I work hard. I’ve been a good teacher.”

Well, okay, but the one thing people who have gone over Warren’s records have not been able to “see” is any evidence of the racial spoils claim she’s been making for her entire professional life.  She appeared on CNN to call for JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to resign from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  As far as I know, Dimon has not been profiting for years from risible claims to preferred minority status, based upon “family lore” and Grandpa’s high cheekbones.

Besides the entertainment value of watching a preening moralist get her comeuppance, the Fauxcahontas incident is fascinating because it illustrates just how lazy so many of our government and quasi-official systems are.  The detective work performed by the bloggers who tore Warren’s claims to pieces could have been undertaken by Harvard University, or skeptical journalists, at any time.  Various layers of prestige and “credentials” were invoked to make actual documentary proof unnecessary.  A lot of people took a lot of other peoples’ word for something that had a significant monetary value.

It doesn’t usually work that way for most of us.  The vague assurances of “experts” are no substitute for duly notarized paperwork when we apply for jobs, loans, and various other benefits.  But Elizabeth Warren said something that Harvard wanted to hear, so little further investigation was deemed necessary… until now.

Stealth Ceremony for Rush Limbaugh — and His Bust

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This is from CBS St.Louis.

I can hear the howls of the leftist and DemocRats.

But they are strangely silent about Bill Maher.


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – It’s official and it’s a done deal: Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh is now officially inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians. People might have wondered why he wasn’t doing his radio show today — it’s because he was in Jefferson City.

Just before 1:00 p.m. the mad scramble in the halls of the state capitol began, barriers started going up and additional Capitol police and the Highway Patrol started drifting in. The word leaked out that today was the day for Limbaugh to take his place in Missouri history.

Apparently the only people aware of what was going on were members of GOP majority and the Missouri Highway Patrol. The public was not invited to the ceremony.

Republican Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley selected Limbaugh, a native of Cape Girardeau, for the honor — but he kept the timing of the ceremony more secret than the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan. The public apparently didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

Tilley possibly was thinking about the public’s safety by attempting to avoid a spectacle for the event after some women’s groups and numerous Democrats called for Limbaugh’s head on a platter for calling a female law student and women’s rights activist, Sandra Fluke, a “slut” over her outspoken support of President Obama’s policy on contraception coverage.  Limbaugh eventually apologized, but that only happened according to public reports after sponsors of his radio show started pulling out.

The Democratic minority in Jefferson City is fuming. In a statement released to the media, House Minority Leader Mike Talboy said “House Speaker Steve Tilley today purported to induct misogynistic talk show host Rush Limbaugh III into the Hall of Famous Missourians. Instead of being open to the public as is tradition, the ceremony was conducted in secret in a locked House chamber with only Republican officials and other select people allowed in. The secrecy and exclusion of the public demonstrates that even Republicans are embarrassed at honoring someone who recently called a female college student with whom he disagreed a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute.’

“After the first four inductees to the Hall of Famous Missourians were selected by a group of legislative spouses, House speakers assumed the role and have chosen all subsequent inductees. Until now, no one as controversial and unworthy as Mr. Limbaugh has been put forth for inclusion.

“But the Hall is an entirely unofficial honor and Speaker Tilley has no legal authority to order that the bronze bust of Mr. Limbaugh be granted space in the Capitol Rotunda alongside the busts of previous inductees. House Democrats have asked the Office of Administration, which controls all public areas of the Capitol, to refuse to display the Limbaugh bust, and we are confident that it will not be placed in the Hall of Famous Missourians.”

KMOX Capitol Bureau Chief Phil Brooks says Democrats are upset the Highway Patrol was used for the occasion, and they are reportedly pressing Governor Jay Nixon not to allow Limbaugh’s bust to be displayed in the capitol rotunda.

According to Brooks, Limbaugh spoke to a crowd of Republican lawmakers gathered in chambers during the ceremony. His remarks were described as “grateful” and “without controversy.” Afterwards, Limbaugh and his supporters withdrew to a closed-door, Republican-only meeting.

As a member of the Hall of Famous Missourians, Limbaugh will have a bronze bust displayed in the Capitol alongside the likes of President Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, George Washington Carver and Stan Musial.

Old Woman

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I will be absent

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My posting will be light.

Please bear with me.

I am working on my garden.

I have some tilling and planting left to do.


Good Grief

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This is from Town Hall.

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Filibuster Harry Reid

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This is from Town Hall.

The Tea Party needs to keep up the RINO hunt.

Then the people of Nevada need to remove Dingy Harry Reid.

Ever wonder why the Senate has voted not even once on a Second Amendment issue this year, yet cast a never ending series of votes on the Obama Agenda?  The answer is Harry Reid (D-Nev.). The Senate Majority Leader has outmaneuvered Republicans to stop “hostile” amendments and force repeated votes on Obama priorities.

The situation is far different in the House of Representatives.  Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been a benevolent leader, allowing extended debates and open rules on some legislation.

Boehner’s way is better.

Reid control the Senate’s agenda by using parliamentary procedure in a manner intended to squelch dissent and marginalize Republicans.  Tea Party minded Senators would be wise to filibuster every thing Reid tries to advance until he allows members from both sides of the aisle to participate fully in the legislative process.

Last week provided a great case study of Reid’s leadership style.  The day after the House passed legislation extending the life of the Export-Import Bank, Reid attempted to take up the bill and pass it with very limited debate and no amendments.  But conservative Senators objected to a rubber stamp vote on bill.  After all, it not only would keep this bastion of crony capitalism in business for two more years, but it would boost its loan authority by another $40 billion.

Refusing to be steamrolled into an ill-considered vote, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor to demand more debate to discuss ending this corporate welfare program.  Other conservatives demanded an opportunity to offer amendments.

What?  Republicans dare request that the Senate follow all the rules before voting on a bill?!  That they be allowed to debate and amend a piece of legislation?!!  It was too much for Reid.  He threw a tantrum

On the Senate floor, the Majority Leader exploded into a tirade against the filibuster.  He praised efforts by Senators Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) to change the chamber’s rules so it would be easier for the majority to stop a filibuster.  “If there were anything that ever needed changing in this body, it’s the filibuster rule,” Reid concluded.

Of course, the opposite is true.  The filibuster is the one rule that should never be changed, no matter which party controls the Senate.

Reid wants to dump the filibuster so he can have more power.  If he had his way, Republicans would merely have the right to vote, with no other substantive right to participate in the legislative process. You might as well move the minority party’s seats up to the Senate gallery.

Liberal Senators held a far different view back in 2005.  Then, Sen. Barack Obama opposed the idea of getting rid of the filibuster.  It would have “changed the character of the Senate forever,” he said, and not for the better.

And then-Minority Leader Harry Reid agreed whole-heartedly.  “The right to extended debate is never more important than when one party controls Congress and the White House.  In these cases, the filibuster serves as a check on power and preserves our limited government,” he observed.

And since Reid has been Majority Leader, he has left Republicans with only two options—either vote for the bills he brings to the floor, or filibuster them.  He does this by using an obscure parliamentary tool—called “filling the amendment tree”—to block Republican opportunities to offer amendments on bills.  Reid has used this trick to bar GOP amendments on over 50 bills since becoming Majority Leader.  He has employed this marginalizing tactic more times than all of his predecessors combined.

Today, the Tea Party is angry because they don’t see allies in Congress fighting all that hard.  They don’t understand why Republicans aren’t fighting harder against ideas like the Export-Import Bank.  They want to see some fire in the belly.

In the Senate, that can boil down to a simple motto:  Filibuster Harry Reid.

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