California Muslim planned to fake his own death and become “soldier for jihad”

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This is from Jihad Watch.

I am shocked this Kalifornia man could get such racist and

Islamophobic idea about the religion of peace.SNARK!

Anyone with an IQ above a bag of hammers knows Islam

is a murdering cult of death that has a pedophile leader. 


Somehow this convert to Islam got the outrageously mistaken and frankly Islamophobic idea that jihad meant waging war against unbelievers. How did he get that idea? No one seems to care. After all, it has never happened before and never will again, right? Why should law enforcement care about such a remote possibility?

“Prosecutor: American arrested in California planned to assist al-Qaida, aid terrorism,” from the Associated Press, October 21 (thanks to Kenneth):

LOS ANGELES – A 24-year-old American charged with attempting to assist al-Qaida in international terrorism was enticed into confessing to an undercover FBI agent who posed as a recruiter for the extremist organization and provided him with a false passport, a prosecutor told a judge Monday.In an extensive inquiry, U.S. District Judge John Walter demanded more information on the case against Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen of Garden Grove, expressing skepticism about some of the evidence. His questioning revealed new facts about the case that depicts Nguyen as a wannabe terrorist with no special skills to offer al-Qaida.

Nguyen appeared in court with his hands shackled to his waist. His appearance was dramatically changed from the time of his arrest, when he had long hair and a beard. He was clean shaven with a close cropped haircut and made no comment during the hearing. He was ordered held without bail.

Nguyen has pleaded not guilty to two charges of making a false statement on a passport and attempting to provide material support and resources to a terrorist organization.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Judith Heinz said evidence against Nguyen was gathered by a confidential informant and an undercover FBI agent who posed as an al-Qaida recruiter. Nguyen had reached out on the Internet and on his Facebook page to join the terrorist group, the prosecutor said.He was arrested Oct. 11 at a Santa Ana bus station as he prepared to board a bus for Mexico with plane tickets to his ultimate destination in Pakistan, authorities said. The undercover agent escorted him to the bus and had told him they would be meeting “his sheik” in Peshawar, the prosecutor said.

When agents moved in to arrest him, Nguyen exclaimed, “‘How did you guys find out?'” Heinz said.

The prosecutor said Nguyen had his fake passport, $1,850 in Syrian currency and a pamphlet with extensive instructions on shooting and setting up battle plans.

In his home, she said they found three swords, two large axes, two hatchets and a copy of the famous tome, “The Art of War.”

Heinz said the government would allege that Nguyen planned to offer himself as a trainer of some 30 al-Qaida forces for an ambush against coalition forces in Syria, where he had already spent five months fighting with rebels.

“He would train them in shooting,” Heinz said….

“He confessed on the 50 hours of interviews,” the prosecutor said, relating Nguyen’s plan to go to Pakistan, fake his own death and assume a new identity “to be a soldier for Jihad.”

The FBI operative told Nguyen getting a fake passport would be a lot easier than faking his death and offered help. The prosecutor said Nguyen filled out the passport request with a new name, Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum, and gave it to the agent, who sent it to the U.S. government which issued the passport….





NICS Operations Stats Too Horrible to Believe

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This is from AmmoLand.

Comparing the NICS Operations to The Keystone Cops

is an insult to The Keystone Cops.

The Keystone Cops were meant to be funny.

The NICS Operations were meant to be serious and

prevent criminals from buying guns.

Now we are suppose the enhanced background checks

will work better.



Keystone NICS Cops

Keystone NICS Cops


PHOENIX, AZ-( The lamestream media told you:

Although 90% of Americans suddenly support something called “universal background checks,” which they had never heard of before, now that a madman killed little children in Connecticut, Congress has done nothing.

The checks would have done nothing to save the children, a point on which everyone agrees. Dianne Feinstein’s bill to ban guns Americans already own, which she has been promoting for 20 years, did not even make it to Congress, again. Bills to identify crazy people have not been introduced. Or drafted.

Sen. Schumer’s various modifications of Feinstein’s bill, as well as bills of his own suffered the same fate, despite overwhelming support. The Manchin-Toomey amendment, which we told you had overwhelming support of 90%, only got 56% support in the Senate and died. The actual contents of the 49-page bill were never reported in any lamestream “news” outlet, not even the fair and balanced one. It was described in detail in Page Nine:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: I could only find one official study of what goes on between the NICS background-check office, the FBI, the BATFE and the US Attorney’s Office (USAO), which handles prosecution of criminals trying to buy guns at retail and pay sales tax. I hope you didn’t eat a heavy meal, because you’ll have trouble holding it down when you read this. The report was issued in July 2004.

This is what the media is trying to convince you that 90% of the public supports:

  • In the two years studied (CY 2002-2003), NICS handled 16.7 million background checks.
  • 121,909 people were denied firearms, and the FBI referred these to ATF, who refers them to their Brady Operations Branch, who refers them to their NICS coordinators, who refers them to their ATF division offices, who refers them to their satellite offices or field offices, to see if they meet “USAO prosecutorial guidelines” so they can be brought up on charges of criminals  trying to buy guns.

In other words, just because a person was denied a firearm does not mean the U.S. prosecutors want to go after them. They have to meet guidelines. Most don’t.

Without boring you, most people in the NICS chain-of-command don’t have the guidelines, haven’t been trained, don’t even know there are guidelines (I didn’t, like you, I thought most everyone caught is a criminal). The functionaries don’t have a way to communicate up or down the chain, have cases “without prosecutorial merit” (which is not described) because they just send piles of “captures” over without review. The space they have to make notes on their computer screens is too small for notes.

Typical Keystone Kops procedures plague the system — “increasing the workload of already overburdened field investigators… delaying investigation of prosecutable cases… cases without merit… insufficient resources… insufficient staffing… extensive case backlogs… ” it’s a loooonng list.

  • 7,030 prohibited possessors got firearms because their “delayed” response time periods ran out. ATF agents either did not conduct retrievals, did not do them in a timely fashion, took four months to more than a year, and did not document retrievals so there was no way to tell what happened, if anything.
  • Before trying to retrieve a gun from someone who should not have it, ATF sends a letter telling the person to give it up. Sometimes. They might include a deadline. They might act if there is no response. Or not. They let the person give the gun to anyone, which can include another person who cannot have a gun. Yes, you read that right. In 55% of these cases (from this study) ATF made no records of what happened, and lets the case drop. Only ATF’s high-profile homicides, arson of occupied satructures and gun-smuggling makes the news.

“ATF special agents did not consider most of the prohibited possessors who had obtained guns to be dangerous and therefore did not consider it a priority to retrieve the firearm promptly.” ATF did not track the retrieval process at all.

  • ATF had not conducted a NICS coordinator training conference in years. When it did, 6 of the 17 coordinators showed up.
  • In a sample of 200 denials referred for action, 22 were illegal aliens. These are referred to Dept. of Homeland Security (ICE) and the Brady Operations Center. The ATF division offices “closed these cases without investigation because they did not involve other prohibiting factors.” Illegal alien status is one of the nine enumerated bans specified in statute. ATF has decided not to enforce this law, out of hand.
  • In 36% to 95% of the cases, NICS division field offices provide no feedback to the Brady Ops Branch. Command has little idea what the local offices are up to. “Several of the field office group supervisors told us they did not investigate the majority of the referrals they received.”
  • Between 8% and 35% of denials in the samples were people found not to be prohibited from possessing firearms.
  • Only 154 cases were prosecuted of the 16.7 million checks of the 121,909 denials. ATF had sent only 230 to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, USAO accepted on 185, and then went after only 154. I recall reading somewhere it managed to convict a small handful.

The Washington Post reports that for 2010 (out of more than six million NICS checks):

“In the end, 62 cases were referred for prosecution, but most were declined by prosecutors or dismissed by the court. Out of the original 73,000 denials, there emerge just 13 guilty pleas.” Is this what 90% of the public supports? The Post only ran this online.

What are we paying for the 13 guilty pleas? Is this a good use of limited resources, or does it just make some people feel good, and make anti-rights legislators look good as long as the “news” keeps you in the dark and you don’t know what’s really going on?

“Historically, USAOs have been unsuccessful in achieving convictions in many of these cases and consequently have been unwilling to expend their limited resources on prosecuting most NICS cases.”

Why? The report answers this question about the much ballyhooed NICS system:

“These cases lack ‘jury appeal’ for various reasons.  The factors prohibiting someone from possessing a firearm may have been nonviolent or committed many years ago.  The basis for the prohibition may have been noncriminal (e.g., a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military).  It is also difficult to prove that the prohibited person was aware of the prohibition and intentionally lied to the FFL [federally licensed dealer].  We were also told that in parts of the United States where hunting historically has been part of the regional culture, juries are reluctant to convict a person who attempted to purchase a hunting rifle.”

The big bottom line is that despite all the BS about background checks, the real reason to increase the system is to register more gun owners. Gun registration is a bad idea. If, like Piers Morgan, you don’t understand why:

(“How does writing my name, or your name, in an FBI book help stop crime?”)

If you really want background checks, they can be done with zero registration, and 10% of the current cost:

Books by Alan Korwin:

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Obama DOJ Scrambles To Dismiss Fast & Furious Lawsuit

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This is from Freedom Outpost.


The scramble is to cover Obama’s backside.

Eric Holder belongs behind bars.

We can not reelect Barack Milhous Capone Kardashian.

If he gets reelected Obama will swear he has a mandate for his lawlessness.


On Monday evening the Obama Justice Department sought dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the Republican-led House Oversight Committee. The reason for the lawsuit is that the committee is still demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder turn over thousands of documents that he has failed to provide to the committee or to the Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Fox News reports,

President Barack Obama has invoked executive privilege and the attorney general has been found to be in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents that might explain what led the Justice Department to reverse course after initially denying that federal agents had used a controversial tactic called gun-walking in the failed law enforcement operation. The tactic resulted in hundreds of illegally acquired weapons purchased at Arizona gun shops winding up in Mexico, where many of them were recovered from crime scenes. Two guns in Operation Fast and Furious were found on the U.S. side of the border at the scene of a shooting in which U.S. border agent Brian Terry was killed. In a Feb. 4, 2011, letter to Congress, the Justice Department said that agents made every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transportation to Mexico, which turned out to be incorrect. Ten months later, the department withdrew the letter.

In its court papers, the Justice Department says the Constitution does not permit the courts to resolve the political dispute between the executive branch and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is seeking the records. The political branches have a long history of resolving disputes over congressional requests without judicial intervention, the court filing said.

If the lawsuit is allowed to go forward, “countless other suits by Congress are sure to follow, given the volume of document requests issued by the dozens of congressional committees that perform oversight functions,” the Justice Department’s court filing stated. “This case thus illustrates vividly why the judiciary must defer to the time-tested political process for resolution of such disputes.”

So far, the only people taking heat because of the Operation have been those much lower down the food chain. Vince Cefalu was recently fired in the parking lot of a Denny’s restaurantSpecial Agent John Dodson’s reputation was smeared by the administration and ATF. These were men that blew the whistle on the operation.

When it comes to those that the federal government actually found guilty of wrongdoing. Holder was all too happy to announce:

“First, Kenneth Melson, the former Acting Director at ATF, has retired from the Department, effective immediately. Ken has served the Department in several important roles for over thirty years, including as a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and more recently as an advisor on forensic science issues. I want to thank him for his dedication and service to the Department over the last three decades.

“Second, those individuals within ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona, whom the OIG report found to have been responsible for designing, implementing or supervising Operation Fast and Furious have been referred to the appropriate entities for review and consideration of potential personnel actions. Consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Act, the Department is prohibited from revealing any additional information about these referrals at this time.

“Finally, I have accepted the resignation of Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, a longtime career prosecutor who most recently served in the Criminal Division where he led our violent and organized crime, computer crimes and intellectual property enforcement efforts. Jason has dedicated much of his career to fighting violent crime and has led highly successful efforts around the country in this effort. The American people are safer because of his work. His commitment to the Department has been unwavering, and I deeply appreciate his 15 years of distinguished service here at Main Justice as well as in Baltimore and New York.

Other ATF Supervisors were also ripped by Congress.

The obvious issue in all of this is what seemingly no one is asking. If Operation was only known to the lower departments and agents in certain areas of the ATF and not known to either the Justice Deparment, Eric Holder or Barack Obama, then why was executive privilege invoked? It makes no sense to do that, unless, as Barack Obama so eloquently put it, “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

Read more:


Ark. lawmaker pleads guilty to election charge

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This is from My Fox 16  Little Rock,Ar.


Here is an example of a DemocRat legislator committing voter fraud.

Yet Attorney General Eric Holder says there is no proof of voter fraud.

I guess it is only voter fraud if Republicans are involved.

This is why we need a nation wide law to require a valid ID to vote.

But with Holder and Obama in charge that will never happen.


Hudson Hallum (D-Marion)
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – A Democratic state legislator from east Arkansas, his father and two campaign workers pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit election fraud after federal prosecutors said the lawmaker’s campaign bribed absentee voters and destroyed ballots in a special election last year.

Prosecutors said Democratic Rep. Hudson Hallum of Marion, Kent Hallum, Phillip Wayne Carter and Sam Malone acknowledged that they participated in a conspiracy to bribe voters to influence absentee votes in the Arkansas District 54 primary, runoff and general elections in 2011. The four were released pending a sentencing hearing.

“In a nation in which every person’s vote matters, protecting the integrity of the electoral process from those who seek to win office by cheating the system is critical,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jane Duke said in a statement released by her office. “Voter fraud schemes such as that carried out in the 2011 District 54 race have the devastating effect of eroding public confidence in elected officials and disenfranchising voters.”

A Democratic Party spokeswoman said Hallum indicated he would step down from his seat, but Gov. Mike Beebe had not received a formal resignation by Wednesday afternoon.

Hallum didn’t respond to phone messages from The Associated Press seeking comment, and House Speaker Robert Moore said he has not heard from the lawmaker. But in an email sent to other Democratic legislators, Hallum apologized for his actions.

“I took some bad advice that led to some bad decisions on my part. I am going to stand up and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Hallum wrote. “I am truly sorry because I know this news will have an effect on everyone’s upcoming race.”

Prosecutors said Hallum and his father, Kent, tasked Carter and Malone with obtaining absentee ballot applications for certain voters and assisting voters in filling out the ballots, “actually completing absentee ballots in some instances without regard to the voter’s actual candidate choice.”

The ballots were typically placed in unsealed envelopes before being mailed to local election officials.

“If a ballot contained a vote for Hudson Hallum’s opponent, it was destroyed,” prosecutors said in a bill of information filed with the court.

Prosecutors also accused the four of offering money and food to absentee voters in exchange for their support.

At one point, prosecutors said, Hallum told Carter: “We need to use that black limo and buy a couple cases of some cheap vodka and whiskey to get people to vote.”

Hallum won the east Arkansas seat in a special election last year following the resignation of Rep. Fred Smith, who stepped down after he was found guilty of felony theft of property delivered by mistake. A judge later dismissed the theft case, but Smith was blocked from running in the Democratic primary against Hallum for his old seat because he had a conviction at the time he filed.

Smith is now running as the Green Party nominee for the seat. No Republican is running.

Hallum’s guilty plea comes as Democrats in Arkansas are struggling to keep the Legislature from falling to Republicans for the first time since Reconstruction. Party leaders were quick to condemn Hallum’s actions Wednesday afternoon.

“The sanctity of our elections and the rights of voters to see that every vote is counted fairly and responsibly are some of the basic, fundamental liberties of our democracy. No threat to those liberties can or should be endured,” Party spokeswoman Candace Martin said. “Hudson Hallum is taking responsibility for his actions and we hope that will help resolve things in a way to see that such activities will never be tolerated.”

Republicans said the case pointed to long-running voter fraud problems in the state.

“The voters’ constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair election was stolen by an Arkansas Democrat who was more concerned with winning than upholding the public trust and being a true public servant,” state GOP Chairman Doyle Webb said. “This is corruption that a two party system will end.”

Prosecutors said in the charging documents that the four tried to conceal the absentee voter fraud by using rental cars when collecting ballots and using coded language such as “gold tokens,” ”duct work” and “watermelons” when referring to the absentee ballots.

Sentencing hearings will be held later for the four. The maximum penalty for the conspiracy charge is five years in prison plus a potential fine of $250,000.

Malone resigned his job as a West Memphis police officer, but did not know if he would resign from the Crittenden County Quorum Court or the West Memphis school board, attorney Blake Hendrix said. There was no answer at a number listed for Carter, a West Memphis City Councilman.

Hallum’s name will remain on the ballot, but if he wins in November after resigning, a special election will have to be called for the seat, a spokesman for the secretary of state’s office said. A court could order election officials to not count any votes cast for Hallum.

(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

Hello everyone,
It is with deep regret that I am sending this message out to each of you today. This afternoon I am going to plead guilty to federal charges stemming from an investigation into my special election. I took some bad advice that led to some bad decisions on my part. I am going to stand up and accept full responsibility for my actions. I am truly sorry because I know this news will have an effect on everyone’s upcoming race. I would give anything to be able to change what happened but unfortunately I can not undo the past. Please accept my apologies and if any needs to contact me my number is [ ]. It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve with each of you and our state is a better place for what you have done

Hudson Hallum
Chief Paramedic, Crittenden EMS
State Representative (D-Marion)




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The video below is from
This needs to happen to more of these filthy punks.

Former liberal activist/turned tea party conservative Brandon Darby and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were featured speakers at the Choose Liberty 2012 event sponsored by the Eastern Orlando Tea Party. As Sheriff Arpaio took the podium, Darby called security over to point out Occupy Orlando activists where in the audience of the private event preparing to cause a disruption. When the activists tried to interfere with Arpaio’s right to speak and the tea party’s right to peaceably assemble, Darby and Chad Biddinger of escorted the trespassers out in an emphatic way.


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