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This warped bastard needs to be put down asap.


Just unfathomably evil. Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., a white supremacist, gunned down three innocent people in Kansas last year because he thought they were Jewish. And he’s proud of it… his only regret is he didn’t kill more Jews. Regardless of the fact that none of the people he killed were Jewish, he justified the killings because they were obviously Jewish sympathizers. Racist and psychotic – it’s a twofer. While representing himself, Miller threatened both the judge and the prosecutor. He said they were sure to put him on death row and he got that right, I’m sure. He richly deserves it. Miller was a senior member of the Ku Klux Klan and founded a North Carolina hate group called the White Patriot Party. Miller is 74 and whether he is executed or dies in prison, it hardly matters. He has a very warm reception awaiting him on the other side.

From the Daily Mail:

A white supremacist charged with killing three at Jewish sites in Kansas City spent more than two hours Friday telling jurors how he planned the attacks and he was sorry he didn’t kill more people.

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr, who is acting as his own attorney, called himself as a witness and spoke of his military history and of how he started a North Carolina group in called the White Patriot Party.

Seventy-four-year-old Miller, who could be sentenced to death if he is convicted, also told jurors the prosecutor had a ‘slam dunk’ and he knew they would put him on death row.

Miller, a former senior member of the Ku Klux Klan, asked that he be found not guilty because he believed that Jews have too much power and must be stopped before resting his case on Friday.

He is charged with killing high school student Reat Underwood, 14, and Underwood’s grandfather, 69-year-old William Corporon, outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City.

The while supremacist is also charged with killing Terri LaManno, 53, outside a nearby Jewish retirement home during the April 2014 shootings in Overland Park, Kansas, outside of Kansas City.

None of the victims were Jewish.

He also is charged with the attempted murder of three others.

The jury will return on Monday for closing statements and to deliberate.

Miller said he did not learn that none of the victims were Jewish until six says later.

‘Of course, I was devastated,’ he testified.

He also told the court he believes Jews have committed genocide against white people, and control both the media and Wall Street.

He sais: ‘I had no criminal intent, I had a patriotic intent to stop genocide against my people.’

All three exhibits Miller tried introducing –  a video of him in military uniform leading the White Patriot Party and two news articles – were disallowed and he was told similar materials would be as well.

After a nearly three-hour lunch break, Miller returned to the stand and told jurors he wanted to tell them more about why he wanted to kill Jews, but the court wouldn’t let him.

Instead, he talked about an emphysema attack he had ten days before the killings and his desire to ‘take out’ Jewish people before he died.

He said he didn’t initially know if he would have the courage to carry out the attacks, but afterward felt an exhilaration that dwarfed the feeling of jumping out of airplanes when he was in the Army.

‘I’ve been proud of myself for 15 months,’ he said.

He said his only regret was that he killed the teenager, who he thought was older.

But under cross-examination, Miller admitted that he would have been fine with killing Reat if he had been Jewish.

He said he was justified killing the other two because they were Jewish sympathizers, adding that he thought the prosecutor and judge also associated with Jews.

‘If I had known you and you were there, I would have probably shot you, too,’ he told District Attorney Steve Howe moments before finishing his time on the witness stand.

During Miller’s testimony, Howe objected frequently and said Miller’s comments were not relevant to the capital murder trial.

As the judge sustained each objection, Miller appeared to grow more frustrated.

‘I promised this court that I would not lose my temper,’ he said. ‘I’m doing the best I can.’

Miller said that while he was carrying out the attacks he knew he might end up getting the death penalty.

‘You guys are going to put me on death row. We all know that,’ he told jurors.

Miller, who insisted on a swift trial even after his stand-by attorneys said that didn’t give them ample time to prepare a defense, seemed overwhelmed by legal proceedings he called ‘mumbo jumbo.’

Capital murder trials in Kansas have a guilt phase focusing on evidence about the crime and a sentencing phase when defendants are allowed to present mitigating evidence – including what was on their mind at the time – intended to spare them from a death sentence.

Miller believes that Jews have committed genocide against whites and control the banks and legal system. What an antisemitic demon. ‘I’ve been proud of myself for 15 months,’ he said. I’ll bet. He said he felt exhilarated after the murders. Evil fiends usually do. The moron called the legal proceeding mumbo jumbo. I really hope he gets that swift trial and sentence he’s demanding. There’s no remorse here at all. He’s not even worthy of a smidgen of pity. He should just be executed for his crimes. It’s hard to believe there are people out there this deluded and hateful – but there seem to be more every day. My sympathies lie with this man’s poor victims. They were killed for simply standing outside a Jewish center and a rest home. He also tried to kill three others. When he dies, Hell will welcome a kindred soul home.