McDonald’s Brawl Breaks Out Over The Breakfast Menu [VIDEO]


This is from The Daily Caller.

Sadly, many people will link this ghetto trash to the entire black race.

Like liberals judge white people by the white trash on these so called reality shows like Honey Boo-Boo.


Two hungry diners started a (completely understandable) brawl in a Philadelphia McDonald’s because it was past 10:30, meaning they could no longer order McGriddles and hashbrowns from the fast food chain’s breakfast menu.

As the two women were leaving the establishment, they began arguing with another diner and eventually started a brawl with the man, throwing chairs at him and snapping a broom over his head.

WATCH (NSFW Language):




Hate CrimesAsian man savagely beaten in racial mob attack in NYC

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This is from Top Conservative News.

These animals roam and attack in packs.

They are feral animals and need to dealt with in

same manner as feral dogs.

If Obama had sons they would look like the animals.

Black mob violence is spiraling out of control in New York City. Yet the media is still won’t talk about it. In the latest attack, a group of teenage black males ransacked a convenience store. Then they savagely beat an Asian man who owned the store. The man was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Yet, CBS New York never mentions the race of the attackers. They repeatedly call the attackers “skateboarders.” The use of the term “skateboarder” is obvious. Most people think of white people when they think of skateboarders. This is yet another tactic to downplay black racial mob violence.

When you look at these surveillance pictures, what adjectives come to mind? Is “skateboarder” on the top of your list?

Black Bastard Murdered A Young, White Clerk In Shreveport LA For The ‘Fun Of It’

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This is by David Ben Moshe @ Mad Jewess.


Black Bastard Murdered A White Clerk In Shreveport  LA For The ‘Fun Of It’

This young white male was murdered by a stinkin son of Obama.  The savage stole nothing of value.  If this young man had a gun, it would be the black bastard dead on the floor.  How many times do we have to tell white people to arm yourselves and don’t be afraid to use the gun!!!


“He wanted to be a combat medic,” recalls John Ashley, a 20-year-old Shreveporter who says the two had been inseparable since meeting at a paintball game nearly four years ago. “We loved military games, we loved the military and we loved our country, so what better way than to enlist and do some good.”

See-Gas station clerk slaughtered in Shreveport hate crime

Our prayers are with the family.

-David Ben Moshe


ATTN. US ARMY: White, Christian Men Have The “Advantage” Of Being MURDERED BY Minorities

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Hat tip Mad Jewess.



Dear US ARMY:  White, Christian Men Have The “Advantage” Of Being MURDERED BY Minorities



The US Army can refuse the order to propagandize our young, WHITE American males, or guilt them with a load of crap: A new Pentagon manual teaches that white males are ‘privileged’, ‘advantaged’.  This book should be thrown in the ashcan, where it belongs.  I’m sure this is Obama and the Fem-Gestapo that are enforcing this bullsh*t.


Communist, “Liberal” Obama-trons have crafted an evil ARMY manual which LIES to white, young men – advising them they have an ‘advantage’ over everyone else.  This is an outright LIE.  If a white male is walking down the wrong street in any given city, that same white man will end up a dead white male.  So, is this a level playing field?  Nope.  Whites must kiss black and brown ass until they are licking feces.  That’s the facts.  Whites must worship other races, minorities etc.. that are not white–and even then, the Communist, filthy creeps will STILL NOT BE HAPPY.


Unbelievable- Obama regime promotes racial hatred in new Army manual


Note below….these are just more of the whites MURDERED, raped or robbed by Obama’s sons.  This is their ‘privilege’ for being born white and hated in America FOR THEIR SKIN COLOR.


Evan Colquitt


Not Guilty Plea for Black Female Suspect in White Savannah Teen’s Murder


Staff Sgt. Travis Torgerson, left, and Staff Sgt. Michael Stroud


Amended charges for black accused of hitting and dragging White Army recruiters with SUV


Austen Lampe


Violent Robbery Near University of Cincinnati – White man pistol-whipped and shot by black robbers


Quinn Boyer


Widow of White paramedic killed in Oakland speaks, black teen on trial for murder


These stories above–are true ‘white privilege’ stories.  Let the truth be known in the history books:  ”Anti” racists will forever be remembered as accessories to murder and ‘racists’ will forever be known as victims.



Race Crime-TNB In Brooklyn: “Get That White Whore!,” “Get Those Crackers!” As They Beat White Couple

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Hat tip Mad Jewess.

The sons of Obama are running wild.


Race Crime-TNB In Brooklyn: “Get That White Whore!,” “Get Those Crackers!” As They Beat White Couple

Sons of Obama just doing what they do on any given Sunday.  Why are white people still not armed?  Because the complicit, Bolshevik media hides these crimes and whites have no idea they are the target.  Get armed white people.

A group of 10 black youths — one of them a 12-year-old girl — surrounded a white couple’s car in Brooklyn, viciously beating the husband and yanking the wife to the pavement by her hair as they peppered the two with racial slurs, authorities said.

“Get those crackers!” some of them screamed, according to court papers. “Get that white whore!”

Read more: here at the Daily News.  Hat tip, Mr. Miskovsky

-David Ben Moshe


The American White Male: No Advocacy, No Retribution

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This is from Eagle Raising.

The white males today from Plymouth Rock until today are discriminated against

as the left proclaims they are what is wrong with America.

While other races have contributed to Americas growth.

It is the white male that has done the most to grow America.

I can hear the left screaming I am a racists..


We all realize that it’s not just fair and reasonable for minorities and  women to rise to quality positions and recognition in our society, it’s  essential to a balanced and modern America. There’s hardly an intelligent soul  out there who doesn’t agree with that. But anyone who’s paying attention also  realizes that there is an undercurrent afoot — a new politically correct credo  — driving a momentum to not just find equilibrium in jobs, earnings, and positions but to  diminish the status and accomplishments of the American white male while  creating this equilibrium. There are probably a number of reasons for this, not  the least of which would be resentment by those who were forced into the shadows  of inferiority and subordination for so many years. And while this momentum is  understandable, it doesn’t make it correct.

The truth is, until the last century, we have been a nation predominately  protected by, advanced by, and directed by white males – since the Pilgrims  landed at Plymouth Bay. You don’t have to like it, but it’s true. However, that  has changed — and it’s good that it has — because any free nation blossoms  under equality for all.

The problem is, human nature often lacks a sense of equilibrium. The pendulum  has refused to stop in the center.  While there are those who would  say white males are now getting a taste of their own medicine, intelligent  people would have to weigh what America gains and what it loses by this.

White males have become a derogatory target for the advertising and  entertainment industry.  Any sentient television viewer can easily see this  group has begun to be ruthlessly portrayed as the dolt, the miscreant, and the  character of little importance, particularly in advertisements. Compare this  depiction with how minorities and women are positively displayed. You don’t have  to be a rocket scientist to recognize how these groups are overwhelmingly and  disproportionately featured in movies and commercials as the bright, the  successful, or the dominant. What develops here is a representation so close to  the outside edge of reality as to be insulting, but the advertising industry and Hollywood  emphasize this perspective. Why? The answer is simple: white males are largely  too busy to dispute this idiotic representation. No one advocates for them.  But by and large, they are the ones killing Bin Laden, serving as the foremost  surgeons, and comprising the majority of leadership in our scientific community.  Even if you think this is “inappropriate,” it doesn’t make it untrue. While this  may change in the future, today, it is what it is.

What’s inappropriate, and dangerous, is that this misrepresentation over time  weakens America’s potential. It creates an image of an important stratum of our  society as being the most undesirable. In this manner, over time the Left will  get what they want – a weakened military, medical and scientific communities  that have passed through and promoted not the best, but the most politically  correct, and an inept, third-world research and business industry. (I’m not saying that some of the best  won’t be women and minorities, but when your choices are biased by political  correctness, you get the chaff with the wheat.)

How does all this benefit America? The fact is, it doesn’t. This is “form  over substance” at its worst. The Left wants Affirmative Action type programs to  guide selection, not demonstrated achievements – achievements gained by hard  work and sacrifice. Here’s a great example of that sacrifice, where  the selection rate is based on a stamina and intelligence well above the  norm: The final selection rates to America’s Military Special Operations  community are male and predominantly white (this is hard fact – it has nothing  to do with prejudice).  They’re male for the same reason women don’t play  in the NFL, and predominantly white because that’s the group who survived the  arduous crucible of physical and intellectual testing. It’s combat  selection criteria, pure and simple. You see, combat doesn’t see sex, color, or  any other discriminator; it sees what’s needed to survive and accomplish the  mission.  What comes from this forge is the best.

I want this “best” in my police, doctors, and scientists, not a watered down  version caused by politically correct selection criteria.  I want the  government out of this process and I want this misrepresentation of white males  to stop. If a similar representation ridiculed minorities or women on this  scale, there would be such an overwhelming hue and cry it would evaporate  overnight. But the good old white male is an easy target, simply because he’s  the guy “without” a host of organizations serving his advocacy. It’s time we  realized he’s still the mainstay of America, and not the butt.



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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

This is outrageous.

Take notice it took place on the left coast.


Seattle — One man was left trembling after another pulled a loaded firearm on him and reportedly demanded that he apologize to black people for all the wrongs white people have done to them. Police arrested the suspect, finding the firearm and ammunition.

Chikwanha E. Nyashanu, 35-years old, is being held on $100,000 bail with prosecutors seeking to increase the amount to $500,000, according to Brandi Kruse of “King County District Court Judge Arthur R. Chapman called his actions ‘inexplicable’ and deemed him a danger to the community,” she wrote.

The incident reportedly occurred after 9 PM. After the alleged victim called police, the suspected perpetrator was soon arrested–after being tased. Nyashanu was reportedly identified by the victim as the “same person who had just pointed a handgun at him for 15-20 seconds and demanded he apologize for all the things white people did to black people,” reported Kruse.

She added that court documents revealed the suspect as a black male and the victim as a white male.

If the allegations against Nyashanu prove true, the entire ordeal could have been avoided had the alleged gunman devotedly watched MSNBC’s Chris Matthews evening program, as Matthews recently apologized on behalf of all white people.


Tim Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers

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Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.




im Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers


Let’s start facing the truth; Many blacks are racists that hate white people (NO, not all, they are not the issue-ditto right minded Jewish people and other minorities…)  They (American blacks) murder, rape and rob white people–daily.  Wise is a sick Nazi.  He is a JEWISH Nazi.  That’s what he is.  What does this idiot do to encourage black people stop their evil hatred of whites? Nothing.  He hides crimes against white people. Making him no different than Hitler in the opposite direction.  In fact, by this moron suggesting that whites need to be more submissive toward blacks puts him in the same league as the SS. 

Fact: Hitler hid the crimes of the NAZIS against his victims.  That is what the left wing media does; they HIDE black on white crime, just like Hitler all while calling YOU& ME a NAZI–what a joke..

What can we do to change this, bloggers and activists?  You can start by re-blogging these stories, talk about it in public, A LOT.  I see many of my blogger friends don’t look for these stories.  You are worried about Obama.  There is nothing you can do to change Obama-he is where he is because of #BLACKPRIVILEGE. He aint going nowhere, because that would be racccist.  Even though he is the worst ‘prez’ ever.  SO, you CAN do something to stop what is happening by getting some gonads.  And, CARING about white people or fellow whites.

There is a genocide taking place against white people. That you say nothing makes you guilty. How can you stand before God, having said nothing, doing nothing??

White people are the ‘oppressed class’ in America. Psychologically, mentally, and physically.  They are persecuted for being white. WWW-Walking While White.. They are demanded to bow down and worship Obama. If they do not, they are racist, made fun of, ostracized, fired from jobs, beaten by blacks, raped and murdered by blacks  etc…  Funny, if one did not like Bush (who was also semi-totalitarian) That was not racist.. Its only going to get worse.  In the 1930′s, it was the same way for Jews, minorities and Germans that would not tow the line of the fascism. Same as it is in America, today. 

So, resist we much.

Bullshit Tim Wise story: Tim Wise Tells CNN’s Don Lemon The 5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations



Playing the Race Card, Again

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This is from Joe For America.

One more brain-dead liberal being heard from.

It is very clear Francis Wilkinson knows nothing about firearms.

There are armed citizens of all races.

Why do liberals think only white people own firearms?

I have added a link to the editorial in Bloomberg.

Read it at your own peril it will make furious .

Bloomberg Editorial – “Guns Are for White People”

WilkinsonI just finished reading an article on the editorial page over at  The article was written by a guy named Francis Wilkinson (face pictured above), a suspiciously white sounding name (the relevance of that comment will become clear if you read his article).  In his article, he looks at three gun magazines (1 issue per magazine, 3 magazines total) after which he comes to the conclusion that apparently guns are just for us racist white folk.

The author of this article appears to be so consumed with his visual perception of what he assumes the race of people pictured in the magazines is, it makes me wonder why?  What is his obsession with other people’s ethnicities?  How come the author choose not to include American Indians (I’ve been told by a few folks of that ethnicity they prefer that term over “Native American”), East Indians, Middle Easterners, etc?  He seems to be judging people (and the magazines) based solely on their outward appearance.  That is very shallow and dare I say, almost racist, for such an “enlightened” person.

I’d just like to point out a few actual facts he might like to consider.  In one of the magazines he chose to “examine”, Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement (which he only lists the partial publication name), several of the regular contributors (actual paid writers) are not “white”.  The most noteworthy of those being Massad Ayoob who has a regular column that appears in every single issue.  If you are thinking to yourself that is not a very “white” sounding name, you would be right.  His name is not very white sounding (although in photos he sometimes appears to be) and that is because he is an Arab American, whose grandparents immigrated to this country.

Another of the contributors, Jorge Amselle, from his photo and from his writings, appears to be of Hispanic descent.  In addition to extensively writing about guns, he has also written and even testified before the House Judiciary Committee in 1995 about the detrimental effects that Affirmative Action was having on American society.  However, I assume the author of that Bloomberg article, especially when considering what is written in the article, is likely a strong supporter of Affirmative Action, since that is what he is essentially looking for in the photos in gun magazines.Perhaps the author should complain to the Advertising Coordinator for the magazine and express his desire to see more “non-white” people pictured in the magazine.  Her name is Emily Lee, and she happens to be an Asian female.  I’m sure she would be happy to oblige him as he clearly is a regular customer, seeing as he knows so much about the magazine.

Furthermore, the publisher of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement is Harris Publications, who publishes other such noteworthy minority-excluding magazines as King (a monthly men’s magazine geared toward African American and urban audiences), XXL (a hip hop lifestyle and music magazine) and Juicy (self described as “ the first celebrity and lifestyle magazine for Black women”).

They sure sound like a bunch of racist white folk to me… or is it the author of that article that is in fact the person consumed by race?  Physician, heal thyself… Wilkinson can keep his white-guilt all to himself.  I’m perfectly fine seeing past folks skin color.

In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

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This is from The Mad Jewess.

This is very eye opening.


In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

I am sickened that more white people do not care about themselves. Teachers & Professors teach white-hatred from cradle to the grave in American schools and colleges and you act like this is not real..

Everyday, my husband faithfully posts on the crimes, murder and mayhem perpetrated by the sons of Obama against white people.  Sadly, when the Zimmerman case was going on, we got tweeted constantly.  Now, when David posts on these horrific crimes–rarely does anyone tweet, facebook, re-blog etc. Right now, the only thing we can do is REPORT this.. I have about 10 faithful soldiers with me on twitter that tweet these horrendous acts of violence with the ‘hash-tag’,  ”#BlackPrivilege”.  Unfortunately, they are the only ones that do this for white people and the victims of these atrocious crimes.

Its incredible that white people are so damned brainwashed that THEY believe they are the ‘racists.’  How can this be possible?  I don’t get it, people. White on black crime is almost non-existent in USA.  There are thousands of black on white race-hate crimes posted on sites that we link up–sites that we believe to be honest-hearted people who care.  Yet, white people don’t give a damn about themselves. AT ALL.

I will tell you for one last time:  If you are white, or look white, you are a target.  Just as the blacks were targeted in the south in the 1960′s, YOU are now the target.

 Racism is a very serious thing.  It is an affront to God.  For people to be beaten, raped and robbed just because they are perceived as being weak or having a different skin color–that, in itself – is an incredible evil.  That more Jews are not helping in this fight against race-hatred isastounding to me.  This vile insanity is not much different than how the Jews were dealt in Nazi-Germany. Targeted just for BEING Jews.   And, if that is too much for so many “Jews” to believe in, start sifting through these crimes on this blog.  I am ashamed of ‘Jews’ AND ‘Christians’ in America.  All you seem to care about is tweeting the latest thing that the impossible jackass, Obama does instead of worrying about your own neighbor.  It is appalling.

In America, the white is now as the Jew was in NAZI-Germany. and if you don’t think so, you are an idiot.  WE are on the right side of history, you fake “Jews” and “Christians” are NOT.

Youtube contributed by @binggreen:


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