Liberals Hate Educational Competition and Use Taxpayer Money to Prove It


This is from Godfather Politics.

The teachers union does not want competition.

As charter and private schools would show how the education

the public schools are incompetent and incomplete.

So naturally the unions and the local departments of education

oppose the sale of empty school buildings.


Economic competition lowers prices, offers increased selections, and results in more features. Think of desk-top, lap-top, and tablet computers, automobiles, smart phones, televisions, and delivery of entertainment (cable, satellite, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.).

But when it comes to education, the State wants its monopoly and you and me to pay for it. Today’s government educators running the show can’t allow for competition. That’s why at every turn teacher unions fight hard against charter schools and school vouchers.

Here’s the latest education story that demonstrates that union and top education officials are not about what’s best for the education of children but what’s best for their control of education.

Wisconsin taxpayers have been forced to spend millions of dollars to take care of empty Milwaukee Public Schools buildings the district refuses to sell to choice school operators.

“MPS’ 15 vacant structures, some of which have been unused for close to a decade, are costing state and local taxpayers approximately $711,000 per year in utility and maintenance expenses.

Wisconsin Reporter did a study of the 10 largest school districts in the state and found that, compared to Milwaukee, the nine others have a combined total of just five idle buildings, costing taxpayers about $83,000 a year.”

These buildings could be sold but the Milwaukee Public School System “has been blocking several charter and private schools in the choice program from buying nearly every one of its unused facilities. . .”For-sale-buildings

Some MPS board members contend that selling the schools to private or charter school advocates would be competition for the government schools, therefore, “it doesn’t make sense to sell those buildings to choice schools, even if taxpayers are left on the hook for millions of dollars.”

Here’s the logic that’s being used: “It’s like asking the Coca-Cola Company to turn over its facilities to Pepsi so Pepsi can expand and compete with the Coca-Cola Company,” board president Michael Bonds told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Education is not about selling snacks and soft drinks. It’s about human beings. If selling these buildings could enhance the educational opportunities for more students, then it’s a winning proposition for everybody.

Competition makes for a better everything. If the unused schools were sold, and the new private schools offered a better education, one would think that it would force the government schools to work harder and produce a better product.

By selling the schools, taxpayers would not have to fund the maintenance of vacant buildings and the students would get a better education because of the competition.



Gov. Scott Walker defies Obama, won’t close parks over shutdown


This is from BizPac Review.

Bravo Bravo Governor Scott Walker.

Tell Obama to stick the shut down where the sun doesn’t shine. 


Scott Walker

                                                                Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Photo Credit: RightWingNews

A lot of the “pain” caused by the government shutdownis phony. The Obama liberals were going to stop the Army/Navy game until it was revealed that it was all “optics.” They blocked off an open air WWII monument to hurt veterans. Obama is deliberately trying to tank the stock market.

Along those same lines, they’re also trying to shut down parks in Wisconsin, but Scott Walker isn’t having it.

The state Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday refused a directive from the National Park Service to close a host of popular state properties because of the federal government shutdown.

The park service ordered state officials to close the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake, and Interstate state parks and the state-owned portion of the Horicon Marsh, but state authorities rebuffed the request because the lion’s share of the funding came from state, not federal coffers.

. . . in a sign of defiance, the DNR removed the barricades at the landing, saying it had the legal authority to operate the launch under a 1961 agreement with the federal government.

There are a lot of Republicans in D.C. who could learn from Scott Walker. He talks quietly, but when it’s time to move, he pulls out a big stick and starts swinging.

School Video: I Pledge to Serve Obama

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This is from MinuteMan News.

This is straight out of the Nazis and Communist playbooks indoctrinate the children.

 Do you notice the resemblance of Hitlers indoctrination and the tactics used by the

Obama regime?


A Wisconsin school district is apologizing after middle school students were shown a video that featured Hollywood celebrities pledging to be a servant to President Obama.

“I pledge to be a servant to our president,” Demi Moore said in the “I Pledge,” video shown Wednesday at Hudson Middle School.

The video was part of a number of Peace One Day activities, an international event to build peace awareness. The students were also invited to make their own pledges after viewing the video.

But there was a big problem – the video conveyed the idea that Americans should serve the presidency instead of our elected officials serving the citizens, Fox9 News in Minneapolis reported.

“I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama,” Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis said.

Those statements led the middle school and the Hudson School District to issue apologies.

“We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff,” Principal Dan Koch said in a prepared statement. “We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials – that office serves each of us as well.”

The principal also made an announcement to students explaining why the video was inappropriate.

Read More:

Court upholds historic collective bargaining reform law in Wisconsin…

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This is from Joe For America.

It is about time a court ruling got things right.

The Damned Unions have bled industry and America too long.

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011 law curtailing collective  bargaining privileges for most state employees was once again upheld in federal  court this week, further dissolving Big Labor’s legal arguments against the  law. U.S.  District Court Judge William Conley dismissed a lawsuit Wednesday initiated by  two Wisconsin unions that claimed the law, known as Act 10, violated free speech  and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution, the Leader-Telegram reports.

In his ruling, Conley wrote Act 10 doesn’t violate the constitution because  it doesn’t bar public employees from associating with their union or hinder  their union’s ability to speak out. Laborers Local 236 and the American  Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 60 – the plaintiffs in  the case – “failed to state a claim for relief under either the First or  Fourteenth Amendments,” Conley wrote.

“Under Act 10, general employees remain free to associate and represented  employees and their unions remain free to speak; municipal employers are simply  not allowed to listen,” Conley wrote, according to the news site.

In a separate but related lawsuit last year, Conley ruled some provisions of Act 10  unconstitutional, specifically an annual union recertification requirement and  the end to automatic dues deductions. That ruling, however, was overturned by  the 7th U.S. District Court of Appeals, according to media  reports.

Conley’s recent ruling means Act 10 has thus far survived all legal  challenges in the federal courts, although another state lawsuit is pending  before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and many believe Big Labor will appeal this week’s federal  court decision.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said Wednesday’s ruling serves as  vindication for Act 10, and he expects a similar outcome on the state court  level.

“This case proves, once again, that Act 10 is constitutional in all respects  and that the challenges to the law are baseless,” Van Hollen wrote in a prepared  statement, according to The Business Journal of Milwaukee. “I  appreciate decisions like this that follow the law, and I look forward to  bringing the remaining state court challenges before the Wisconsin Supreme  Court, where we expect Act 10 to be upheld once again.”

There is no timeline for the state Supreme Court Case, the Leader-Telegram  reports.

Katy Lounsbury, union attorney in the federal case, said she’s unsure if her  clients will appeal Conley’s decision.


Mukwonago school district defies state order to change its Native American nickname for politically correct purposes

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This is from Joe For America.

I am glad to hear that the Mukwonago  School Board is standing

up and refusing to be bullied by the PC Crowd.

MUKWONAGO, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has given the Mukwonago school district an Oct. 8 deadline to change the American Indian nickname and logo for its athletic teams.

Mukwonago-logo1The Mukwonago school board recently voted 8-1 to refuse the department’s order.

Good for the school board. It appears to be representing the views of a large majority of local residents, including Native Americans. The media reports we’ve read offer no evidence that Indians living in the Mukwonago area have any objection to the historic nickname, and that should be the bottom line.

The DPI is acting on a state law that allows state officials to force schools to drop race-based nicknames, logos and mascots if someone complains and the tribe that the nickname is borrowed from has not consented.

The order for Mukwonago to change its nickname to something other than “Indians” came in October, 2010.

Two parents challenged the decision in Waukesha County Circuit Court a few years ago and won a temporary victory. But an appeals court overturned that decision in January and the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently decided against hearing an appeal.

That prompted the DPI to send a letter to the district in June, demanding that its original order be honored by Oct. 8. According to the law, the school district can be fined anywhere between $100 and $1,000 every day it defies the order.

“The Department reminds the district of its obligations … to take steps reasonably calculated to create a school environment free of race-based harassment or discrimination,” the DPI wrote to the school.

We’ve seen no news reports suggesting that there has been any “race-based harassment or discrimination” in the district due to the continued use of the “Indians” nickname.

School officials argue that the district has used the nickname for more than 100 years, making it a source of tradition and pride for all local residents from all racial backgrounds. They say they have gone out of their way to treat local American Indian history with respect, and require incoming freshman to take a course on the subject.

Samuel Hall, the district’s attorney, argued that a change in nicknames would cost Mukwonago schools about $100,000, a cost that would include necessary alterations to athletic uniforms, diplomas, banners, academic medals and other materials.

“The use of the Indians nickname and associated logo have been and continue to be a source of pride related to the local history of the Mukwonago area,” Hall was quoted as saying. “Further, the district believes that decisions regarding the use of nicknames and logos are best left to local elected officials who better understand local history.”

Awesome! Membership In Wisconsin’s Public Sector Unions Has Nosedived Since Scott Walker Passed Law Giving Employees Option Not To Join…

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This is from Weasel Zippers.

The people are finally free of the blood sucking unions.

Workers are no longer forced to support causes they oppose

as the unions are not getting their dues.

Hopefully the unions back can be broken.


Public sector unions are bloodsucking leeches draining the taxpayers of this country dry, and they couldn’t do it without the help of Democrats (who they in turn donate millions to).

Via EAGNews:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says one of the goals behind Act 10, his landmark legislation that clipped the power of most public sector unions, was to give workers more freedom to decide if they wanted to belong to a union.

He’s apparently accomplished his mission. Several of the largest public sector unions in the state have lost thousands of members over the past few years, and a great deal of wealth and political power, as well.

The Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s largest teachers union, lost about half of its 98,000 members since Act 10 became law in 2011, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That means WEAC has lot approximately half of its annual income from membership dues, which has impacted its ability to remain a force on the state political scene.

“The financial pressure has caused the union to cut a large share of its staff,” the news report said. “For a time last year, union executives considered selling WEAC’s prominent hilltop headquarters on the south side of Madison. The union’s board stepped in and put a halt to the idea, according to sources familiar with the matter.”

Other public sector unions have suffered big losses, as well.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 48 lost nearly two-thirds of its approximately 9,000 members, the news report said. As a result the union is now more than $650,000 in debt.

AFSCME District Council 40, another branch of the same union, has lost 36 percent of its membership, the news report said.

The Wisconsin State Employees Union has lost more than half of its members, dropping from roughly 22,000 to somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 members, according to the newspaper.


Marine with concealed carry permit stops man from beating woman

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This is from Fox 6 News Milwaukee.

To this Marine I say Semper Fi  job well done.


One more reason to carry a gun.


WEST ALLIS (WITI) — A Marine Corps veteran was able to stop a man early Tuesday, March 12th from nearly kicking a woman to death. It happened near 102nd and Lincoln, and Wisconsin’s concealed carry law made his efforts possible.

Charlie Blackmore was driving home from work at 4:00 a.m. along Lincoln Avenue when he saw something on the sidewalk. Blackmore didn’t realize it was a woman on the ground being kicked in the head and stomach until he got closer.

That’s when he jumped out of his car and sprung into action.

“I said ‘stop’ and he starts coming towards me and that`s when I drew on him. He started getting closer and I said ‘get down on the ground,’” Blackmore said.

Blackmore held his gun on the suspect and called West Allis police. He says several times while waiting for police to arrive, the attacker moved toward him.

“I mean I’ve already made it up in mind that if he came at me I was going to have to take him down and I told him that. I warned him multiple times not to come towards me because he was a big guy and I wasn’t playing around and he didn’t seem like he was playing around,” Blackmore said.

Blackmore says police eventually showed up and had to force the suspect to the ground. They then asked to see Blackmore’s concealed carry permit.

“I put my hands up turned around and said ‘you can grab it out of my wallet.’ Checked my permit, gave me my wallet back, and then interviewed me for their paperwork,” Blackmore said.

West Allis police say that paperwork is not yet available. For that reason, the name of the attacker and his victim have not yet been released.

“She had a really big laceration by her eye and it looked like her nose was broken,” Blackmore said.

Blackmore didn’t catch any names either, but said the victim told him the man is an ex-boyfriend.

“She was not with him anymore and he had stalked her that day or something and he attacked her on her way to work,” Blackmore said.

Blackmore says situations like this are why he supports Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, and the rights of gun owners.

“We do good things. Not all of us are bad or crazy gun nuts. There are good people,” Blackmore said.

The West Allis police chief says these types of situations really are judgement calls for gun owners. While they don’t encourage this behavior, they appreciate citizens watching out for each other as long as they do it legally and are willing to accept the consequences.

CLICK HERE to read more about the issue of concealed carry on



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This is from The Blaze.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr is correct.

His critics are wrong in their criticism of Sheriff Clarke.

When seconds count the police are minutes away.

This is not a cretinism of Law Enforcement.

It is however Just The Facts.

I Need You in the Game: Wis. Sheriff Tells Residents to Learn How to Use a Gun to Defend Themselves

In this Oct. 11, 2012 file photo, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke talks during a budget hearing in Milwaukee, Wis. The Wisconsin sheriff said he released an ad calling on residents to defend themselves because the old model of having a citizen call 911 and wait for help isn’t always the best option. (AP)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. has a message for residents: learn how to use a gun.

With budget cutbacks putting a strain on law enforcement, simply calling 911 might not cut it in a life-or-death or situation, Clarke said in a new radio ad this month. Safety is “no longer a spectator sport,” he says. “I need you in the game.”

“With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option,” Clark adds. “You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. But are you prepared?”

“Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?” he asks.

The spot has quickly earned criticism, including from the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association president Roy Felber told the Associated Press it sounds like a call to vigilantism, while Barrett’s spokeswoman said it sounded like Clarke was “auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie.”

But Clarke told the AP he simply wants people to know what their options are in protecting themselves.

“I’m not telling you to `Hey, pick up a gun and blast away,’” he said. “People need to know what they are doing if they chose that method – to defend themselves.”

He said self-defense may not be for everyone, but that people who want to know how should be trained properly. After budget cuts forced him to lay off 48 deputies last year, he realized he had an “untapped reserve” — the public.

“People are responsible to play a role in their own safety, with the help of law enforcement,” Clarke said. “I’m here to do my part, but we have fewer and fewer resources. We’re not omnipresent, and we have to stop giving people that impression.”

James Fendry, director of the Wisconsin Pro Gun Movement, praised the ad, telling Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “It’s never been a great option (calling 911). Unless you can take care of yourself, you’re kind of SOL.”

Unions suffer steep decline in membership

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This is from Fox News Politics.

Unions suck the lie out of every business the get their hooks into.

The unions devastated the coal industry in Indiana.

They destroyed two small companies in my area of Indiana.

Unions have destroyed Hostess Bakery they would have destroyed the auto industry.

But Obama stepped in and bailed them out.

However they will eventually suck the life out of the car industry.

The nation’s labor unions suffered sharp declines in membership last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday, led by losses in the public sector as cash-strapped state and local governments laid off workers and — in some cases — limited collective bargaining rights.

The union membership rate fell from 11.8 percent to 11.3 percent of all workers, the lowest level since the 1930s.

Total membership fell by about 400,000 workers to 14.4 million. More than half the loss — about 234,000 — came from government workers including teachers, firefighters and public administrators.

The losses add another blow to a labor movement already stretched thin by fighting efforts in states like Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan to curb bargaining rights and weaken union clout.

But unions also saw losses in the private sector, even as the economy expanded modestly. That rate fell of membership fell from 6.9 percent to 6.6 percent, a troubling sign for the future of organized labor, as job growth has generally taken place at nonunion firms.

“To employers, it’s going to look like the labor movement is ready for a knockout punch,” said Gary Chaison, professor of industrial relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. “You can’t be a movement and get smaller.”

Unions have steadily lost members since their peak in the 1950s, when about one of every three workers was in a union. By 1983, roughly 20 percent of American workers were union members.

Losses in the public sector are hitting unions particularly hard since that has been one of the few areas where membership was growing over the past two decades. About 51 percent of union members work in government, where until recently, there had been little resistance to union organizing.

That began to change when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a law in 2011 eliminating most union rights for government workers. The state lost about 46,000 union members last year, mostly in the public sector.

Union officials blame losses on the lingering effects of the recession, as well as GOP governors and state lawmakers who have sought to weaken union rights.

“Our still-struggling economy, weak laws and political as well as ideological assaults have taken a toll on union membership, and in the process have also imperiled economic security and good, middle class jobs,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

In Indiana, where a new right-to-work law took effect last March, the state lost about 56,000 union members. The law prohibits unions from requiring workers to pay union fees, even if they benefit from a collective bargaining agreement. Michigan lawmakers approved a similar measure in December.

Another problem for unions is an aging membership that is not being replaced by younger members. By age, the union membership rate was highest among workers ages 55 to 64 (14.9 percent) and lowest among those ages 16 to 24 (4.2 percent).

In New York, the state with the highest union density, nearly one-quarter of the workforce belonged to a union. North Carolina had the lowest at 2.9 percent.

Among full-time wage and salary workers, union members in 2012 had median weekly earnings of $943, while those who were not union members earned $742.

Read more:

Wisconsin Occupier invites himself for cocktails with Gov. Scott Walker

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This is from The Daily Caller.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd should be called domestic terrorist.

My question is are the union thugs in Wisconsin behind this?

This bone head has some twitter but I could not get them to copy

 Molotov cocktails.

Oh, sorry, my mistake. Occupy is over now, apparently? Now they want to call themselves Idle No More?* And allegedly, one of their members was caught with a bottle filled with gasoline in the Wisconsin State Capitol building. Which seems noteworthy, since today’s news is all about keeping crazy people from doing violent things.

Brandon Darby reports:

A Wisconsin activist was arrested Tuesday at the state Capitol building just hours before Governor Scott Walker was to deliver his State of the State Address to Wisconsin lawmakers.

The man, Kvon R. Smith, had reportedly used Facebook to threaten to do harm at the Capitol. Law enforcement was ready for him and arrested him as he attempted to enter the building. Smith then reportedly claimed to have a Molotov cocktail in his backpack. Police evacuated portions of the capitol building and a bomb squad reportedly arrived and handled the backpack. Police did not say whether or not the backpack contained the explosive device the man allegedly claimed it did.

A search of the man’s apparent Twitter account reveals deep sympathies for Palestinians, support for other liberal and far-left causes, and claims of previous felony charges. Smith has also expressed support for the newest leftist movement, which previous Occupy
supporters are beginning to flock to, named “Idle No More.”

Here’s a video he made about it, because there’s no point in doing this stuff unless you’re going to leave a lot of evidence:

Seems like a normal enough young man. And if you go to his Facebook page, you can look at pictures of him shooting guns. Which you might think is bad, because guns are intrinsically bad, but it’s okay because he voted for President Barack Obama.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades, who notes that political violence gets blamed on the right a lot, whether or not it’s actually A) political or B) violent. Like blaming Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner, or claiming somebody spit on Emanuel Cleaver. Neither of those things are true, but since when was that a reason for a liberal not to believe in something?

Whereas left-wing violence is either ignored outright (like the nationwide Occupy crime spree) or blamed on right-wingers (like that guy who quoted the Communist Manifesto before flying a plane into an IRS office in Austin), because telling people the truth about it might interfere with the goals of liberals and the media. Pardon the redundancy.

I’m sure if any of our betters in the media had souls to search, they’d say they don’t really approve of such behavior. They just don’t see any need to make a fuss about it.

Oh, by the way, this post is racist because this guy is black.

*Wasn’t that the name of a band once? I’ve blocked out large chunks of the ’90s…


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