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A Darwin Award Winner.


A suspected al-Shabaab terrorist had an epic fail when he detonated an explosive device on an Airbus A321 – getting sucked out of the airplane by depressurization and becoming the only casualty of the planned attack. No other passengers were hurt in the attack.

 The device was smuggled onto the plane by a man pretending to need a wheelchair to circumvent security measures at the Mogadishu airport (who knew they even had security there?). When the device detonated, the terrorists flaming body was ejected from the plane and later recovered near Balad, some 20 miles north of Mogadishu.

As for whether the terror group will publicly take “credit” for the attack, security experts think it would be too embarrassing.

“Al-Shabaab, if they did that business, al-Shabaab would claim it,” Zakaria Yusuf, an analyst with the International Crisis Group think tank, told the Wall Street Journal

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