Jesse Jackson Sues Georgia Over State’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, Claims It Is Racist Against Blacks…


This is from Weasel Zippers.

Jessie The Race Baiter Jackson is looking for 15 more

minutes of fame.

I hope he gets embarrassed and counter sued.

Sadly many politicians are afraid of Jackson and

will bend over backwards appease him.


Even though SYG laws disproportionally benefit blacks.

(Reuters) – A national coalition led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. is seeking to have Georgia’s “Stand Your Ground” statute ruled unconstitutional, arguing in a federal lawsuit filed late Monday that the law discriminates against minorities.

The 2006 law, which allows citizens to use deadly force in self-defense if they feel threatened, harms black people because they are often perceived by society as more dangerous than other racial groups, Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition said in the suit filed in Atlanta.

“All Georgians, and particularly those of color, will be compelled to at all times prove that they are not taking part in any action which may lead an individual to form a ‘reasonable belief’ that they are posing a threat to them,” the suit said.

Robert Patillo, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said he believed the coalition’s legal challenge was the only pending federal lawsuit in the country against a state “Stand Your Ground” law.

The laws came under new scrutiny after the 2012 death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. Police in the central Florida town of Sanford initially declined to arrest shooter George Zimmerman, citing that state’s Stand Your Ground law and evidence that the unarmed Martin was getting the better of Zimmerman in a struggle when Zimmerman drew his gun and fired.

Martin was black, and Zimmerman is white and Hispanic. Zimmerman was later charged in the shooting death of the unarmed Martin but was acquitted by a jury of second-degree murder.



MSNBC Has Full Deck of Race Cards

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This is from Town Hall.

PMSNBC sees a racist under every bed and behind every tree.

Now we know why not even the Hubble telescope can’t find

the ratings for PMSNBC.

“Why do they seem so determined to also make it racial?”

So asks Joy-Ann Reid, the managing editor of The Grio, a web magazine owned by NBC News whose mission is to “focus on news and events that have a unique interest and/or pronounced impact within the national African Americans audience.” The “they” in question are conservatives and journalists asking, among other things, why President Obama hasn’t inserted himself into this case the way he did in the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

The irony-impaired Reid was asking that question about a heinous murder in Oklahoma, where, according to police, an Australian student was shot by a black youth with the help of two friends (one of whom was white) “for the fun of it.” Police allege that the bored teens spotted Christopher Lane jogging and decided to follow him and shoot him in the back.

Reid asked the question while guest-hosting a show on MSNBC, a network that has mastered the art of making unracial things racial. Just two days earlier, Reid had insisted that there’s a “neoconfederate thread” running through the gun-rights movement. Whatever that means.

Then there’s MSNBC fixture Chris Matthews, who insists, with considerable regularity, that any criticism of Barack Obama is driven by “white supremacy.” Critics of Obamacare, Matthews claims, believe that “the white race must rule.”

Another MSNBC host, Martin Bashir, recently insisted that outrage over the ongoing scandal at the IRS is really nothing more than coded racism. The IRS is the new “n-word” according to Bashir. “So this afternoon, we welcomed the latest phrase in the lexicon of Republican attacks on this president: the IRS. Three letters that sound so innocent but we know what you mean.”

Lawrence O’Donnell, another MSNBC host, assured viewers during the Republican National Convention last summer that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s joke about Obama playing too much golf was really a deliberate racist dog whistle. “These people,” O’Donnell insisted, “reach for every single possible racial double entendre they can find in every one of these speeches.”

And that of course leaves out Al Sharpton, an MSNBC host who can best be understood as the racial equivalent of an ambulance chaser.

Against this backdrop, Reid asking why anyone would bring race into the discussion is a bit like a pornographer asking, “Why make this about sex?”

But let’s get back to her question. One high-minded response might be that conservatives are bringing race into this discussion because they are simply doing what has been asked of them by Reid and countless others, including the president and the attorney general: They’re trying to have that coveted “national conversation about race.” Of course, the conversation that the conversation-mongers want is entirely one-sided; they only want to talk about why their ideological enemies are racists. Any other discussion is an incomprehensible and unjustifiable tangent distracting us from what they want to hear and say.

But the truth is, that’s not what is going on. To the extent that people are bringing up race it is to turn the tables, rhetorically at least, on people like Reid and her MSNBC colleagues for their relentless — some might say shameless and disgusting — effort to exploit the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Recall that there was no evidence Zimmerman was motivated by racial animus, a fact so inconvenient to NBC News that it unethically edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it sound like he was racist. (NBC later apologized and Zimmerman is rightly suing.) This inconvenient truth was also why numerous news outlets insisted on describing Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” — to bend the facts to fit the preferred narrative.

Australian and British newspapers — which do not care about imposing a monolithic liberal narrative on race — are reporting that Lane’s alleged murderers may have been driven by motives other than boredom. But even if the initial reporting proves accurate and these thugs were just trying to break the monotony of the dog days of summer, the lesson for the MSNBC crowd should be the same.

From Obama down to his cheerleaders in the press, liberals have declared unremitting war on their ideological opponents, cynically polarizing the country along racial — and, when possible, gender — lines. They, not conservatives, have been the ones dragging race into any and every political dispute they can. This disgusting strategy has worked well for them, galvanizing minority voters and tarring the Republican brand. I don’t particularly welcome the fact that conservatives are fighting fire with fire, but you can hardly blame them given how liberals like Reid have been asking for it for so long.

Zimmerman verdict sparks interest in insurance programs that defend gun owners

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This is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Having this insurance is a good idea.

You could lose every thing if you use your firearm. 

The Florida acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who Zimmerman said he shot in self-defense, has resulted in a surge of business for a Texas company that insures gun owners.

“People who have seen what happened to Zimmerman began to consider their own circumstances and asked how would their life be affected if something like that happened to them,” said attorney Edwin Walker, co-founder of Texas Law Shield.

Texas Law Shield, a Houston-based company that provides legal representation for gun owners who act in self-defense, charges members a base monthly fee of $11 to advise them during police investigations and represent them at trial. The four-year-old company has a 24-hour hotline to assist its more than 70,000 Texas members if they have questions about the state’s self-defense laws, Walker said.

“There are about half-a-dozen crimes where a person can be charged if they simply display or discharge their weapon,” Walker said. “You don’t have to shoot someone to get in trouble.”

Mark Walters, a spokesman for the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and host of the Armed American radio show, said interest in the company’s services has “phones ringing off the hook,” in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict.

The USCCA offers coverage to gun owners through its Self-Defense Shield plan. The platinum plus package provides $500,000 to gun owners who have to settle or pay any civil claims that arise from self defense gun uses. USCCA has about 60,000 members, Walters said.

“If someone’s carrying a firearm and they have to display or discharge their weapon and it is reported to police, they should anticipate charges being brought,” Walters said. “If you make a decision to carry a weapon, you should consider taking out one of these types of policies.”

Weapon offenses for displaying or carrying a weapon can range from aggravated assault to deadly or disorderly conduct to unlawfully carrying a weapon by a license holder. Self-defense investigations can be life-altering. Darrell Schooler said it took less than two seconds to make the decision to fire his weapon, but it took weeks for him to get out of jail while authorities sorted through the details.

Schooler, 47, of Fort Worth, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting at a man outside a Fort Worth nightclub on Aug. 6, 2011, Tarrant County district clerk records said. Schooler was released after posting a $7,500 bond, according to Tarrant County jail records.

His attacker hit his car window three times with his fist and the butt of his gun before Schooler pulled his weapon and fired, shattering the car window. The man was surprised by the flying glass and shot himself in the arm, Schooler said. Schooler was no-billed by the grand jury on March 20, 2012, district clerk records show.

Attorneys from Texas Law Shield represented Schooler during the investigation. Representation was free with the exception of Schooler’s monthly premiums.

“This is insurance I thought I’d never have to use,” Schooler said. “Without it, I’d probably be in jail for something I didn’t do. God was with me that day. If I had leaned an inch-and-a-half to the left, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. That’s how close I came to getting my head blown off.”

The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics special report released in May concluded that an average of 67,740 gun owners used their weapon in self-defense annually during a five-year period between 2007 and 2011.

Read more here:

ANOTHER BLACK ON WHITE BEAT DOWN: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should

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This is from Clash Daily.

These little hood rats are just like dogs they are really brave when

they are in packs.

As a rule they are not going to attack when they are alone.

The Gulfport, Florida Police released a video a couple of weeks ago from a school bus surveillance camera that shows three, weed-dealing black teenaged thugs beating the shitake out of one, thirteen-year-old white kid.
It was an unholy smack down of demonic proportions. If you haven’t seen it you can watch the gruesome video here. Satan must be so proud.
The kid got his clocked cleaned because he told his school officials that the three, black teens tried to sell him a dime bag of weed. After they pummeled him, breaking his arm and blackening his eyes, they stole his money.
The animalistic, over-the-frickin’-top, violent incident occurred on July 9th, 2013.
It was, however, first reported on July 11th, 2013. The weird thing about the initial reporting, which just happened to be two days before the Zimmerman verdict, was that the video didn’t get released and the color of the culprits and the human punching bag got conveniently omitted.
I believe the video didn’t hit the local airwaves until July 29th. I’m also pretty certain that, as of today, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSLSD and the Central BS national networks have yet to run it. Yawn.
Hey guys: could you possibly be less obvious?
Nowadays, when I’m tooling around in my Armageddon Bug-Out vehicle listening to TV via my satellite radio and I hear them report a violent beat down like the aforementioned, and Ron Burgundy doesn’t immediately mention the race of the criminals, I know with 99.9% certainty that it wasn’t Doogie Howser who doled out the ass-kicking or murder.
Another thing that tips me off that it wasn’t a white devil’s doing is if Sharpton’s not on immediately after the account screaming and strutting like a rooster that just got its comb caught in an electric fence.
Aside from the uncut animus started by these three, black thugs on one thirteen-year-old kid, another thing that was disgusting to me was the adult male bus driver didn’t do a thing to stop it. Whatever happened to an old man smackdown?
Oh, and one more revolting occurrence was the other kids on the bus didn’t do squat, either. They just sat there and filmed it on their phones. And people wonder why good folks carry concealed weapons. If that would have happened to me, or to one of my family members or friends, in my presence, the cops would have needed three body bags and none of them would be for me.
Even though the race of the criminals and the video evidence was a little slow in getting out, I’m glad it did as it shows in living color what the race-baiters have called societies “unjust fears”. I expect that before it gets better it’s gonna get worse.
Welcome to hell.
To end on a positive note, herewith are four ditties to prepare you should you get into an altercation with any of these idiots, no matter what race, color and creed they hail from.
1. Avoid Idiots. If you know there is a fair to middling chance that there is going to be a crap load of undisciplined miscreants on a bus, or train, or at a concert, sporting event, union rally, OWS protest, etc. then … uh … don’t go there, girlfriend. Duh.
A little common sense will keep you from such critters. I avoid a lot of this stuff because I don’t travel or go to or through places that suck. If you live in a place that’s rife with this scat, then work your butt off and leave that den of iniquity in the dust. You’re welcome.
2. Take Martial Arts. If that thirteen-year-old knew Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga or other systems of opening up a can of whoop-ass then there’s a great chance that the criminals would have been lying on the bus floor screaming like wounded hogs. Sure, you would have been charged with assault or a “hate crime”, or sued for violating the gangs “civil rights” for stomping their skulls in self-defense; but after a long, lengthy trial you’d be exonerated. I think …
3. Carry a Concealed Weapon. If you’re of legal age, adeptly trained and licensed to carry a pistol, then do it. It is the ultimate equalizer should you have the misfortune of finding yourself in such a situation.
4. Find your wolf pack. As much as possible, hang out with a group of people. A group of bad-asses, preferably. Being alone ups your chances of getting the blunt end of the pool cue. Watch National Geographic if you don’t believe me. Predators single out their prey.


Ohio firearms group sends George Zimmerman $12K to buy guns, security system

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This is from The Washington Times.

I say Bravo to The Buckeye Firearms Foundation and everyone

that made a donation.

It is a shame Obama and his fellow race hustlers have stirred up

so much hatred toward George Zimmerman.

I look for the race baiter Eric Holder to bring some very ill advised 

and Bull Sh@@ federal charges against Zimmerman.




The Buckeye Firearms Foundation said its members have raised more than $12,000 to help defend George Zimmerman, who’s been the subject of widespread threats after his acquittal of murder and manslaughter charges in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The Ohio group said the money can be used to buy guns or a security system for Mr. Zimmerman, a Florida resident, The Associated Press reported.


A spokesman for the group said its members were concerned that Mr. Zimmerman’s rights were being violated. Ken Hanson, on the group’s behalf, said they’ve sent him a check for $12,150.37, AP reported.

Mr. Zimmerman was supposed to have his gun returned after he was cleared of all criminal charges from the February 2012 shooting. But the U.S. Department of Justice confiscated his weapon, saying it’s still part of an ongoing investigation.

The Justice Department has not yet confirmed whether the federal government will launch a civil suit against him.

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Zimmerman Speech Obama Should Have Given

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This is from Godfather Politics.

Obama would never give a speech like this as he needs the

racial turmoil to keep his scandals out of the news.

Obama is a racist that hates white people.

Obama sees white people as the cause of all the world’s problems.



My fellow Americans:

I am your humble servant. You have entrusted me with the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve you as president. I am not president of black America, Hispanic America or white America. I am not president of liberal America or conservative America. I am president of the United States of America.

Regrettably, as a nation, we have become divided. I confess that I have contributed to this division. For this failure in leadership, I ask your forgiveness.

We were each created equal by a God of forgiveness. It is now time that we do as He commands; that we forgive one another as we are forgiven and that we come together, once and for all, as one America.

With this goal in mind, I ask that every American join me in praying for the family of Trayvon Martin. No parent should have to bury a child. I also ask that you join me in prayer for George Zimmerman and his family. This tragedy has taken an unimaginable toll on both families. Finally, I ask that you join me in praying for national calm and racial reconciliation.

Today I will share with you certain truths that may be difficult for some to hear. But truths they remain.

First among these truths: The death of Trayvon Martin was a horrible tragedy.

But not all tragedies are crimes.

This case should never have gone to trial. Probable cause for charges of second-degree murder did not exist. Unfortunately, it has become evident that charges were filed based upon a purely political calculus, rather than upon the legal merits of the case. This is legal malpractice, and those responsible should be held accountable.

Before charges were even filed I publicly and inappropriately said: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” This was irresponsible of me. It was a politically motivated abuse of the presidential bully pulpit. It presumed Mr. Zimmerman guilty until proven innocent. The implication was racially charged and cynical. To the extent that I may have contributed to the spurious filing of charges, I apologize to Florida. I also apologize to George Zimmerman, his family and the American people.

Nevertheless, the trial did go forward and, after 20 days in court and 16 hours of thoughtful deliberation, a jury of George Zimmerman’s peers ultimately found him not guilty. Whether or not we agree, this is our criminal justice system and the system worked as designed.

Justice was served.

Although none of us were there – and few can know for sure – the not guilty verdict indicates that the jury found, based upon the weight of the evidence, that this tragic shooting was, in fact, legally justified on self-defense grounds. This is true whether or not George overreacted by following Trayvon in the first place. Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law was never even triggered.

The jury further found, by all accounts, that at some point during their interaction, Mr. Martin turned, pursued and attacked Mr. Zimmerman without legal provocation. This decision ultimately cost him his life.

How does this make sense? How could this have justified the shooting? Although initially unarmed, witness accounts and forensic evidence suggest that Trayvon punched Mr. Zimmerman, jumped on him and began slamming the back of his head into the concrete sidewalk while allegedly proclaiming, “You gonna die tonight, [expletive].” At this point the sidewalk became a deadly weapon. From this, any reasonable person could conclude that George Zimmerman feared for his life and, therefore, took defensive action.

A needless tragedy? Yes.

A crime? No.

Here is another truth: This case is neither now, nor has it ever been about race. That is, it wasn’t about race until I and others made it so.

There are those who, under the guise of “civil-rights advocacy,” have a tarnished history of exploiting this and other such tragedies for their own political and financial purposes. This is race-profiteering. It is shameless, dishonest and never productive. For the good of our nation, it needs to stop.

Furthermore, much of the media are likewise to blame. It is clear that, for whatever reason –ratings, perhaps – many journalists chose to intentionally fan the flames of racial discord. NBC even went so far as to splice and edit the recording of Mr. Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist. This may well be defamation per se, and NBC should be held to account.

In reality, the overwhelming evidence indicates that Mr. Zimmerman is anything but racist. He is just as much a “person of color” as am I. He is Hispanic, not white as the media narrative goes. George is half Hispanic, just as I am half black. He is no more a “white Hispanic” than I am a “white black.” This is the theater of the absurd. It’s but another example of the media’s disingenuous bid to sensationalize this case as a white-vs.-black civil-rights clash.

In reality, George Zimmerman’s past strongly suggests that he is color blind. He once went to bat for a black homeless man against the police department he desperately hoped to join. He also has a history of mentoring black children, has dated black women, has black relatives, and is a registered Democrat who voted for me – the first black president in American history. Finally, an extensive FBI investigationdetermined that Mr. Zimmerman is simply “not a racist.”

I understand that many people are very upset over this verdict. I sympathize with them. My heart also breaks for Trayvon’s family. Still, we are a nation of laws, not a nation of mob rule. Make no mistake, threats to George Zimmerman’s safety and civil rights will not be tolerated and will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Moreover, I have instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to cease and desist in all efforts to manufacture federal civil-rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman. There is simply no case and to pursue one would actually violate Mr. Zimmerman’s civil rights.

Let’s get back on track. Let’s return to Dr. King’s dream of an America in which people are “judged by the content of their character,” and not “by the color of their skin.”

It’s time to move on. It’s time to heal. It’s time to come together as “One Nation Under God”.

God bless you.

And God bless America.



An Aftermath of Agendas Is Making Trayvon Martin’s Tragedy Far Worse

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This is by Charlie Daniels in CNSNews.

The race baiters at all levels are trying to keep the pot stirred up.

From Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to Barack Obama.

The speech Obama served to make the racial divide deeper.


The Trayvon Martin killing was a tragedy that, as far as I’m concerned, never should have happened. It was a classic case of really bad judgment on the part of both the involved individuals, with Zimmerman following Trayvon when he shouldn’t have and Martin attacking Zimmerman when he shouldn’t have and both men responsible for painting themselves into one of those tight corners where somebody has to be hurt.

But the case, as tragic as it was, was made many times worse by an irresponsible media and civil rights leaders who exploited it for whatever ink and TV face time they could get out of it.

In the time that the Zimmerman trial was going on there were sixty-one murders in Chicago, forty-three of them were black males and seven of those black males were under the age of 18, most of them died from gunshot wounds, all violent, all senseless. Do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson just not care as much about the black male population of Chicago or is it that they just can’t garner as much media attention there?

Speaking of media attention, a young white couple, students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, was carjacked, raped, tortured and murdered.

The young man, Christopher Newsome, was raped and beaten, then castrated, shot, his body dumped by train tracks and set on fire while his girlfriend, Channon Christian, was forced to watch.

Channon was gang raped over a period of days, her breasts cut off while she was still alive, then had cleaning fluid sprayed in her mouth in an attempt to erase the traces of DNA and her body put into a garbage receptacle.

Maybe you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about this inhuman crime, perhaps you think your local paper didn’t had time to cover it yet.

I seriously doubt that, since the crime took place in August of 2006, and of your local news outlets, most probably never covered it. I live about 150 miles from where it took place and, to the everlasting shame of networks and the local news media I didn’t hear about it either until somebody brought my attention to it on the internet.

How could a crime this heinous, this inhuman, this completely evil escape the notice of the mass media and the talking heads who are always screaming for equal justice under the law?

Simple, it doesn’t fit their agenda, the perpetrators were all black, all five of them. If this wasn’t a case of blatant racism, I truly don’t know what is. Do you honestly believe there wasn’t racial bias involved in the choosing of the victims and the malicious violence that was done to them, and yet this story, one of the most hideous murders of the decade, was not covered by the media and was completely ignored by the so called civil rights leaders of all colors.

A dangerous precedent has been set by Eric Holder’s Justice Department and aided and abetted by the mainstream American media, selective prosecution and selective journalism all calculated to push a political agenda that drives the races in this nation farther apart every day.

No good will come from Al Sharpton calling for demonstrations around the nation, already a group of blacks have beaten a random Hispanic citizen claiming, “This is for Trayvon”.

What’s the difference in this and what the KKK was doing a few short decades ago? Is this what Sharpton and his ilk want to see happen, anarchy in the name of prejudice? Isn’t that very thing that he’s supposed to be fighting against?

America cannot continue down this path and remain the land of the free and the home of the brave where all men are equal under the law.

America desperately needs a president who is a uniter, not a divider, a Justice Department that actually wants to enforce the law equally, regardless of color or race, a Congress and Senate who could reclaim their testicles and a media which reports the news instead of trying to make it.

Blind hate is blind hate no matter what color it comes in.

I will not be a part of it.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

– See more at:



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This is from Joe For America.

I am offering this without comment.



Memorize these and life will get easier when talking to some dope about the Zimmerman trial:


black child

They keep calling Trayvon a child. Then why was he outside after dark? Why wasn’t he getting his bath and ready for his bedtime story?


zimmerman injury

If Zimmerman was a racist and he murdered Trayvon because he was black, why didn’t he just walk up and shoot him? Why did Zimmerman wait until he was on his back having his face beaten in?


obama laughObama and the administration could care less about this trial except for that it distracts from their shenanigans and failures. When was the last time you heard the words “Benghazi” or “Fast & Furious”? Even FOX has been duped.





About the verdict, Tavis Smiley said; “Arm every black person in America, and then let’s see what the NRA has to say…” Does this mean Tavis Smiley wants all blacks in America wiped out? According to statistics, they aren’t going to go and kill whites, you know.


And Finally:
If George Zimmerman was black, none of us would have ever even heard of the name Trayvon on black record





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This is from Breitbarts Big Journalism.

You can fill volumes with the information the media with holds

from the Zimmerman case.

The media like Obama are just teleprompter readers.


In the wake of the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict, the media’s outright liesrace-baitingmisinformation,shrillnessdownplaying of events inconvenient to their narrative, and hysterical and dangerous stoking of racial animus have been in fifth-gear 24/7 for going on five days now. And they are just getting started. NBC’s Al Sharpton is currently arranging for 100 weekend protests in 100 cities.

Cutting through the muck to the truth is therefore New Media‘s job; and here are ten things the media are either ignoring or downplaying in their partisan effort to turn a loss into a win…


1. There is Zero Evidence Race was Involved In the Shooting

Early last year, as the tragic and fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin was just starting to bubble up, the media falsely described George Zimmerman as “white.” The name Zimmerman apparently fooled the media into believing they had a white versus black narrative on their hands. Once they learned Zimmerman was Hispanic, rather than change course, in order to cover up their mistake, the media put the pedal to the metal in pushing a racial angle.

This crusade, however, is anti-science. A thorough federal investigation into Zimmerman found absolutely no evidence that there was any racism in his past or in his motivations the night of the shooting.

During the trial, the prosecution did not accuse Zimmerman of having any kind of racial motive.

The one juror who has spoken out said the jury saw no evidence of a racial motivation.

The media’s racial narrative is based on nothing more than partisan lies, speculation, innuendo, and a cynical alchemy conjured from nothing to enflame division and hate.

Moreover, it is reasonable to assume the media have been swarming Zimmerman’s life looking for anything that might point to racism. But as of yet there have been no media reports (that weren’t later debunked and retracted) reporting Zimmerman has been found to be a closet racist.

On the contrary…


2. Zimmerman’s Admirable History of Being Colorblind Toward Blacks

Zimmerman’s past indicates he is color blind. He has dated black womentutored black children, once stood up for a black homeless man against the police (we’re told he so desperately wants to impress), has black relatives, and voted for the first black president.


3. Zimmerman is Hispanic, Not White

Like President Obama, Zimmerman has one white parent. Quite properly, the media have never referred to Obama as “half-black,” a “self-described black,” or a “white black.” Obama is black. Period.

Zimmerman, however, has been stripped of his Hispanic racial identity across almost every media outlet in America. Though he is as Hispanic as Obama is black, because it is inconvenient to the white versus black racial narrative the media are hyping, the media refuse to identify Zimmerman as a Hispanic.

A full fifteen months after the media learned they had made a mistake and that their prey was Hispanic, some in media are still referring to Zimmerman as “white.

Those not referring to him as white are either ignoring his racial heritage altogether, or describing him as a “white Hispanic” or some variation of a “self-described Hispanic.”

As far as I know, this is an unprecedented editorial decision.

Speaking of unprecedented…


4. Obama’s Justice Department Has Launched a National Fishing Expedition Against Zimmerman

Probably because the reporting of such a frightening and Orwellian act of federal overreach might make look Zimmerman look sympathetic and hurt Obama, the media have apparently decided to ignore Attorney General Eric Holder’s public witch hunt. The Justice Department is setting up a public tip line for Americans to “help build a case against Zimmerman.”

In order to build a civil rights case, the government needs evidence of racism.

The federal government crowd-sourcing for evidence against a single American is both chilling and something heretofore unheard of.


5. Like Some Conservatives, President Obama Feared Violence After the Verdict

One of the false racially-charged talking points some in media are using against conservatives is that we are racist for fearing there might be violence in the wake of the verdict.

Something inconvenient to that narrative is the fact that a black, leftist American president beloved by the media also feared there would be violence in the wake of the verdict. After the verdict was announced, the president released a statement that said in part:

I know this case has elicited strong passions.  And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.  But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.  I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

Unfortunately for a race-baiting media, this, one of the president’s better moments, has to be ignored in order to serve an artificial narrative.

Which brings me to number six…


6. There Has Been Widespread Violence After the Verdict

The fear President Obama and those “racist” conservatives shared about the possibility of violence in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict has been vindicated.

In just a few days, Breitbart News has documented over two dozen separate acts of violence and lawlessness throughout the country.

The media are dutifully covering up this widespread violence. Yes, they report on each separate act, but always with a “mostly peaceful” qualifier. The media also refuse to connect the dots and widen their reportorial context to show the entire picture.

One aspect of this lawless spree the racially-obsessed media adamantly refuse to report on are the reported “hate crimes” being committed by black against whites and Hispanics.

Which brings me to…


7. Zimmerman Protesters Commit Numerous Racially-Motivated Assaults:

While the irresponsible media is inventing from whole cloth a racial narrative in the Trayvon shooting, at the same time, they are willfully ignoring actual racially-motivated assaults occurring in the wake of the verdict.

Thus far, there have been three reported hate crimes — actual assaults — committed by Trayvon supporters. But like the awful murders taking hundreds of black lives in Chicago, the media refuse to call national attention to these verdict-inspired hate crimes because there is no political upside in doing so. How can a liberal media call attention to the violence in Chicago when liberals and liberalism are the problem?

The same thinking holds true for these reported assaults by blacks against Hispanics and whites. To focus on reality might undermine the fabricated narrative that an innocent black teenager was stalked and murdered by a racist white man.


8. “Stand Your Ground” Has Nothing to do With the Zimmerman Case

Other than ginning up black turnout for Obama’s re-election effort in the crucial swing state of Florida and enflaming racial tensions (which solidifies the Democrat base), another partisan goal the media hopes to achieve from the Zimmerman case is to toxify the “Stand Your Ground” laws that currently exist in 30 states.

But like the fact that Zimmerman is not white and that there is zero evidence showing race was in any way involved in his actions the night of the shooting, the media have also bumped into another inconvenient reality: “Stand Your Ground” had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s defense or acquittal.

The Zimmerman case was a simple case of self-defense:

The jury received standard instructions. Zimmerman did not invoke the Stand Your Ground provision. Zimmerman later waived his right to a pretrial immunity hearing under the Stand Your Ground procedures.

And as National Review’s Sterling Beard points out, “The only time Stand Your Ground came up during the trial proper was when a prosecution witness stated that he’d taught a class Zimmerman had attended that covered Stand Your Ground.”

Even the prosecution rejects the cynical attempt to tie Martin’s death to Stand Your Ground. Prosecutor John Guy couldn’t have made it clearer during the trial: “This case is not about standing your ground.” During their post-trial press conference, as conservative talk show host Victoria Taft first noted, a Miami Herald reporter asked the prosecution team specifically whether Stand Your Ground “affected the facts in this case and whether this case could have been won, perhaps, pre the changes in the law.”

Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda replied: “You know, self-defense has existed for a long time. And we’ve dealt with it in Jackson for a long time.

These facts, though, have failed to stop Eric Holder or the media from pretending the complete opposite is true.


9. Rachel Jeantel Might Be Responsible for the Deadly Confrontation

An unfortunate mix of marijuana, homophobia, and a friend whispering warnings in your ear at night, could go a long towards explaining why a physical altercation occurred:

[CNN’s PIERS] MORGAN: And he was freaked out by it [Zimmerman following him]?

JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?

She continued:

“And people need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother was there. You know — now, mind you, I told you — I told Trayvon it might have been a rapist.”

Evidence that shows why Trayvon might have been the aggressor, though, is inconvenient to a media desperate to enflame racial tensions. Moreover, bringing the issue of homophobia into the personal narratives of Trayvon and Jeantel just can’t be allowed to happen.

This bombshell has been swept under the rug just as effectively as the other nine.


10. The Florida Justice System’s Leniency Towards Trayvon Led to His Death

In order to make his crime statistics look good, Police Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department is suspected of juicing the numbers by treating outright crimes as simple disciplinary problems. As Robert Stacy McCain reports in the American Spectator, Trayvon Martin ended up being a victim of this practice.

Instead of being arrested and charged after being found with a burglary tool and 13 pieces of jewelry stolen from a house a half-mile from the school, Trayvon was suspended from school. Trayvon was also caught with marijuana:

Either of those incidents could have put Trayvon Martin into the custody of the juvenile justice system. However, because of Chief Hurley’s attempt to reduce the school crime statistics — according to sworn testimony, officers were “basically told to lie and falsify” reports — Martin was never arrested. And if he had been arrested, he might never have been in Sanford the night of his fatal encounter with Zimmerman.

What we have here is a case of police corruption in which the media have shown no interest, even though you can connect the dots to Trayvon’s tragic death.

But to report this story would mean upsetting the narrative that Trayvon was an innocent (like many of us at 17, he got in trouble) and that the only cause of his death was a racist white man protected by racist white laws (passed almost unanimously by Republicans and Democrats).

While the simple and noble act of reporting the full truth might help to ease tensions, as racial violence breaks out across the country, the media have shown no remorse for enflaming citizens with falsehoods.

Sadly, the media have not even signaled that they might slow down.

If anything, the media are just warming up for what they seem to hope will be “a long, hot weekend.




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This is from Breitbarts Big Journalism.

I hope George is able to collect millions.

The despicable fraud NBC perpetrated needs to be punished.

NBC can no longer claim they are non bias if they ever were.  


If you look at this timeline that lists the objectively terrible media behavior in the early days of the Zimmerman case last year, you will see how crucial NBC’s fraudulent editing of a 911 call was in setting a media and political narrative that falsely claimed George Zimmerman is racist.

This malicious edit made it look as though Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon Martin as black, when he was simply answering a dispatcher’s question:

On the storied “Today Show,” NBC News told America Zimmerman said this on the 911 call:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

When the truth is that the unedited audio actually went like this:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

Once NBC’s fraud was publicly debunked, George Zimmerman filed suit against the network. After his acquittal last week, Zimmerman’s attorneys said they will now turn their energies towards NBC.

Tuesday night, on Fox News, two legal experts appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and agreed that NBC is in hot water and likely to lose millions:

Lis Wiehl, a Fox News analyst, said, “That’s absolutely not enough. NBC is on the hook here for a big defamation, intentional infliction with emotional stress lawsuit here. They doctored that tape. It went out there. It started the whole narrative of Zimmerman being this hardened racist, this profiling racist that started everything.”

Fellow Fox Newser Kimberly Guilfoyle remarked that the case will pivot on whether Zimmerman is considered a public or private figure; the burden of proof in a defamation case is far less demanding for private figures under U.S. law. Though Zimmerman is now a public figure, he was a private figure when this whole episode went down, Wiehl noted.

The report above is from Washington Post media writer Erik Wemple, who agrees that it will cost NBC “big bucks” to make this go away.

My hope, and I say this without any rancor, is that Zimmerman refuses to settle and that the trial is televised live.

Nothing could be better for the country and the media than to pour sunshine on how and why this happened.


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