H/T Keep And Bear.


There are a lot of arguments for/against gun control, but one of the most compelling must be the ratio of legal gun ownership to gun crime in our cities and rural areas.

Basically, while there are few legal guns in our metropolitan areas there is much gun crime (conducted with illegal guns). However, the rate of legal gun ownership is MUCH higher in rural areas and yet, the gun crime rate is also MUCH lower.

Chicago may be the best example of this dichotomy (though D.C., Baltimore, and other cities display the same dissonance). While guns are highly regulated in Chicago, and very hard to come by legally, the gun crime rate is still far higher than it is in most of the rest of the nation.

What does it all mean…. well, if the Democrats treat us this poorly when 100 Million + of us own 300 Million + guns… imagine how poorly they would treat us if we weren’t armed.