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This reinforces my determination to say piss on the NFL on never watch another game.

As if Americans needed another reason to stop watching professional football, or the NFL wanted to loose more money, one NFL team has inexplicably waded in to another political hot topic.

The San Francisco 49ers have just decided to spit in the eye of more than 100 million American gun owners by donating $500k in an effort to strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The San Francisco 49ers weighed in on the national firearms debate Thursday, announcing their $500,000 donation to push for more gun control and a ban on bump stocks.

The team is partnering with local and national law enforcement in an effort to create a “safer America,” by banning silencers and and armor piercing rounds, according to ESPN writer Nick Wagoner.

A portion of the donation will also fund public service announcements geared towards police brutality and violence.

The Niners and a group of California police unions issued a joint statement, outlining their mission to create a national dialogue on law enforcement tactics and protocol:

“The duty of law enforcement must also include actively participating in bringing our nation together and working to foster a more understanding and compassionate national dialogue around community and police officer relations. We believe that professional sports teams should utilize their capacity to reach millions of Americans to promote initiatives that help law enforcement professionals and the citizens they serve understand their respective experiences and to listen to one another with an open mind and heart.”

When team owner Jed York was asked about his political views he said, “I’m not the most left-wing person in the world. I realize people are trying to sort of paint me as that. That’s not my background politically and how I grew up. But a lot of these are commonsense issues. When you actually sit down and talk to people and know where they’re coming from, it’s hard not to be sympathetic and empathetic.”

The Niners have started the season 0-7 and are considered one of the worst teams in the league.

Yes, a professional football organization just donated half a million dollars in an effort to undermine your rights, and to make you a more likely victim of crime and/or oppression. So, why are you still watching the NFL?